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This is a linkpost for a job that Rethink Priorities recently posted. We expect this role to be a critical part of our growth over the next few years, so if you're interested or know anyone who might be a good fit, please let us know. Feel free to leave any questions you have about this position in the comments.




The effective altruism movement is allocating hundreds of millions of dollars and millions of person hours each year to improve the world. Better research can dramatically improve this allocation. Rethink Priorities is a research organization aimed at uncovering the actionable insights needed to do this. We have founding values — we care about transparency, tractability, short feedback loops, actionability, and impact assessment.

Since the beginning of 2018, we’ve:

  • Constructed cost-benefit intervention analysis for farmed animal welfare.
  • Conducted polls, surveys, and message testing to better understand how the public thinks about animal welfare and other important topics. Our work has been used by Open Phil, The Centre for Effective Altruism, the Humane Society for the United States, Mercy for Animals, the Humane League, Forethought Foundation, The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, EA-aligned lobbyists, and others.
  • Brought to light the important and neglected area of invertebrate welfare.
  • Created quantitative existential risk assessments, starting with nuclear war.
  • Analyzed the effective altruism movement through the EA Survey and the Local Groups survey.
  • And much much more!

We’re backed by The Open Philanthropy Project, Effective Altruism Funds, Survival and Flourishing Fund, and other individual donors.

Recruiting researchers, keeping our projects on track, and understanding our impact are three of the most important things we do at Rethink Priorities. We’re currently seeking a Research Project and Hiring Manager to be a key part of our team to help lead and coordinate these efforts. This position is full-time, at 40 hours per week, and the wage for this position is between $57,000 - $63,000 annually. Rethink Priorities offers a generous benefits package including employer-provided health insurance (varies by country), unlimited time off, and paid parental leave. This position is remote, and can be completed from almost anywhere in the world.

Apply for this position no later than May 13th, 2021. Please spend no more than an hour responding to the prompts listed on the application form.

Apply Here

What you’ll do

  • Facilitate the recruitment and hiring of new researchers
  • Advertise, recruit, and evaluate candidates for research related roles at Rethink Priorities
  • Facilitate the hiring process for new positions — communicate with candidates, schedule and conduct interviews, check references, and coordinate with other interviewers
  • Research-related operations and administration tasks
  • Serve as a liaison between research and operations team, coordinating activities across departments as needed
  • Project management for Rethink Priorities ongoing research
  • Tackle the administrative aspects of research projects, such as scheduling project planning and post-mortem meetings and aiding in the publication of research.
  • Tracking timelines and ensuring that research is on-track, and staying within projected costs.
  • Forecasting the cost and amount of time various research projects will take, and tracking those forecasts.
  • Other project management and administrative work within our research program as needed.
  • Impact tracking at Rethink Priorities
  • Track organizational impact metrics.
  • Devise new methods for impact tracking of research.


Skills you have

  • Required: Strong understanding of Rethink Priorities’ work, approach, and worldview.
    • Since this role will be integral in our hiring process, we seek someone who has a good understanding of not only our research, but the Effective Altruism community as a whole.
  • Preferred: Experience hiring researchers at Effective Altruism organizations, or related organizations.
  • Preferred: Experience conducting research in the Effective Altruism community or a related space.
  • Understanding of counterfactual impact, and experience assessing the impact of research.
  • Experience in research project management and planning.
  • Interest in and understanding of multiple of the fields Rethink Priorities works in, such as longtermism, animal welfare, and Effective Altruism community building.
  • A high-degree of organization, and an analytic approach to work

What we’re offering

  • Contribute to a fast-growing, high impact organization — our research is taken seriously by key decision makers who influence hundreds of millions of dollars
  • Flexible work hours (work on your own schedule)
  • Comprehensive health, vision, and dental insurance covered 100% by Rethink Priorities
  • Flexible work location from almost anywhere in the world.
  • A caring team that looks out for each other, has a lot of fun, and values having a healthy life outside of work
  • 10% of your time can be devoted to professional development / learning
  • Very low bureaucracy
  • We don’t provide snacks but we could mail you a box of Oreos if you want





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I've been a big fan of Rethink's work, and am excited to hear that you're planning to grow further. I hope you'll find a great candidate for this role!

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