Columbia EA is running two remote 8 week AI Safety groups this summer, one which is a standard 8 week reading group similar to the 8 weeks of the Cambridge curriculum, and the other is a project based group also modeled after the Cambridge curriculum. We have over 50 applicants, but not enough facilitators to run as many sections as we want. We expect the time commitment to be ~3-5 hours a week for each section and financial compensation will be available for facilitators (pay is negotiable). Your involvement could help potentially get more people into AI Safety careers and help boost Columbia EA.

If you have experience with most of the topics from the syllabi above and are interested in facilitating 8 sections over the next 8-10 weeks please fill out this ~5 min form ASAP (ideally by 6 PM July 5th 2022).

Thanks to Rohan Subramani for co-running these groups and providing suggestions for this post.




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