Open Philanthropy AI Worldviews Contest

In this essay I will show how we can use our natural ability to create our (personal) reality experiences, to always be safe with any kind of control system, not just AGI. Since this view may be new to some, I have given some practical examples from personal experience.

heArtificial intelligence by Da Kim San 1

May this essay be seen as an invitation into the exploration of heArtificial intelligence...


I wish to start here with expressing my gratitude to Open Philanthropy and GiveWell.

Thank you...

You have been functioning as a very nice catalyst in bringing up the best in me again, and this is the first time I can let you know. I feel inspired to bring together the insights from my experiences over the last 2 decades in my personal Life and artistic exploration of technology and human con­sciousness. Also to specifically expand these insights into the field of AI an bring them into action. So far I was working myself through finding my position in what to think, feel and eventually do with, and possibly even, about AI myself.

This contest is proving really helpful in this process. I feel inspired and be­lieve to know that I can bring you some inspiration as well. I hope you will enjoy reading this essay as much as I enjoyed typing it into my phone. My near blind girlfriend told me how she could hear my joy and excitement in the way my fingers touched the screen. I hope you will feel this joy as you read these words from the screen you are reading them from.

I have been feeling anxious about AI, have held judgements, and still to some extent, as it is yet another area of uncertainty that seems to move towards even more control. This kind of control that doesn’t seem to be created to benefit us all. And when something like this happens, especially also in this rapid pace nowadays, fear may be quite a logical response to this at first. Where nowadays could easily turn into 'now a daze' once again...

Scrolling through videos about AI and AI news bulletins, there are many concerns expressed and warnings given, even by the developers them­selves.

You, as Open Philanthropy, have chosen for the Open Philanthropy AI Worldviews Contest to "surface novel considerations that could influence our views on AI timelines and AI risk." as a goal.

What I notice is the very specific formulation of the questions you have chosen for this contest, which seem to have their focal point at the poten­tial of an 'existential catastrophe'.

Defined by Open Philanthropy as:

"An existential catastrophe is an event that destroys humanity's long-term potential."

I can see the validity of asking specific questions for this comntest, not in the least for the sake of comparison. However, in this way you may exclude helpful insights in the process. So I will allow myself to move beyond or maybe even 'before' the questions you ask here.

I hope you will be willing to join me in this exploration that is very close, if not one, with the development in consciousness that I have chosen in my personal life. Most of the insights here are backed up by personal experi­ence. I discern wether something is or could be true or not by my ability to experience it myself or not.

~ How I feel about thinking ~

I agree with Albert Einstein that, in order to solve a problem, one has to move beyond the level that created the problem in the first place.

And this is the approach I choose here to "substantively inform the think­ing of a panel of Open Phil employees". I will move outside of the box of thinking itself for this, into the realm of feeling.

"It is difficult to think outside the box, because the thinking IS the box." ~ Michael Braun

Not to say that thinking is wrong. Although often times it is kind of 'wrung' and certainly thinking is based on logic and what we know already.

I believe we have an almost untapped potential available, when it comes to dealing with AGI, in the realm of feeling. And this doesn't apply for AI alone, but (technological) systems of control in general.

It is my hope that this essay may inspire you to also research the effects of the feelings we emit on technology and control systems. To include (y)our ability to consciously choose how we create our reality experiences and how to do this. In this essay I will show you through personal experi­ences that this can actually be done.

~ Love and AI ~

In the development I have made in my personal life, I have found an impor­tant key. I dare to say essential even... And this is what I would Love to bring into this contest, this exploration of AI. I have come to understand that Open Philanthropy looks into "potential risks from advanced artificial intelligence" and "(...) aim to support research and strategic work that could reduce risks and improve preparedness." What I am about to share with you here will most certainly improve preparedness. In this strategic work there is an aspect that in my perception is pretty much 'neglected' when looking into these areas...

And this is Love, Universal (or 'unconditional') Love itself. And specifically the impact this has on our everyday Life experiences and the physical en­vironment we live in, including technologies and control systems.

~ Technology responds to our energy ~

Memories come to my mind where I was working on a laptop of a friend which started to display distortions on the screen as I started to work with it. Once I connected my consciousness to the laptops’ energetic state and harmonized them, these glitches disappeared. This is an experience that has reoccurred with another friends' laptop as well and was resolved in a similar way.

To me, from what I have learned in the study of Consciousness, through modern trainings, such as the Avatar course by Star's Edge2 , the Ascension training with Imzaia World3 I am currently still practicing (since 15 years), many many ancient traditions and daily life experience... is that all is One.

I have come to see and experience that there is a 'field' where All is One. Which is quite interesting when we can then see that feeling 'alone' ~ All One, actually holds a key within itself. Even more interesting perhaps that, for as far as I have seen this for now, this also can be seen in the Dutch word 'Alleen' and the German word 'Alleine'.

From this realisation and explorations into our true nature I have devel­oped quite some skills until now. At first glance these skills may seem a little out of reach for 'most people', but this is how I was feeling about this myself as well, and now I am here. I will share some of these abilities and skills, but then I will also bring this back to a very simple, yet powerful, ap­plication that already is available to All of us, no matter how far we (think we) have developed ourselves already.

I will share a bit about these skills Now Here (I am sure you did already see the Now Here in nowhere) especially because I have noticed that quite a few people I have met in these trainings haven't gotten the idea to apply, these principles that are taught, on everyday life situations with issues with control systems. And this has become one of my specialities.

~ The Beauty of Insecurity ~

Maybe I should start with Fear.

Nowadays, I found this out recently, I can improve the taste and smell of a glass of wine, without actually touching it. Just by making adjustments in myself to harmonize the wine. I have experienced that this can also be per­ceived by others.

However, when I was a boy (and I still am my inner child) I felt very inse­cure. Afraid to leave the house, being mobbed for a long time to such an extend that I felt scared at school and didn't want to go to sleep, because it would take me to another day at school. This boy that believed there was nothing he was really good at. But in his Love for drawing and tinkering he did make a drawing at that time of the place he dreamed to live in, a natur­al land with hills, lots of nature, a small house and a lake. Well, the place where I am writing you from now IS this land I had been drawing then. In-teresting now that I look at this word, I see I was already 'drawing in' a fu­ture vision for my life. I believe many, if not all, children do (we should fa­cilitate this). And this again proofs for me that what I am writing for you in this essay may be easier to accomplish, then it may seem at first.

I have come to realise that the feeling of insecurity I had as a child has ac­tually become one of my skills. I have seen that a sense of feeling insecure actually can be seen as a good sign, I am entering an area that is new for me, I am growing, evolving. And in my childhood I have been feeling this for such extended periods of time that I had identified myself as being inse­cure.

This is what I generally perceive in humanity as well, at least in the ex­pressions I have mostly seen so far about AI. I see insecurity, and maybe also fear of failure. What if we don't make it? What if this situation grows out of hand, grows beyond our control?

In my exploration of consciousness I have seen that the things I have been feeling a fear of failure about as a child and adolescent, eventually turned out to be my talents. As if I had been covering them up for a while to make sure I would find and open them at the right time.

~ A general kind of Fear in general ~ Could fear itself be the problem?

Is this fear for a potential "existential catastrophe' for humanity, because of technological developments, really new?

When we look at the book '1984' by George Orwell 4 , written in 1948, for ex­ample... Or even further back, when the trains where introduced. I once read a book about simulations (sorry, no reference as this is quite a while ago). Here it was mentioned that when the trains came, this came with great fascination. There were a kind of 'theatre plays' in theatres with large rolls with painted landscapes on them that were shown to the audi­ence, giving the experience of actually sitting in a train. But there also was fear, as some people started warning that the dazzling speed of 20 mph might cause brain damage.

Maybe these new technologies themselves and their developments are not so much the problem. Maybe it is the act of fear itself? In spite of the Dutch saying I have mentioned above there is something that is important to also take into account here. And this is our creative ability and how we influence our reality, personally and collectively, with the feelings and emotions we emit. So when we choose fear, we bring more attention and thus energy to things to fear.

There is a beautiful online, freely available, booklet written from the Aloha Spirit of Hawaii: “The Aloha Spirit is a well known reference to the attitude of friendly acceptance for which the hawaiian Islands are so famous. How­ever it also refers to a powerful way to resolve any goal and achieve any state of mind or body that you desire.” This booklet is called: "The little pink booklet of Aloha"5 In this very small booklet it is explained how 'En­ergy flows where attention goes'. This is one of Life’s principles, and is also taught in the teachings I learn with.

The essence of this principle is to: “Bless everyone and everything that re­presents what you want!”

The idea is to focus on what you want. As one of my friends once said: “The universe is abundant. If you focus on Love, Life will bring you an abun­dance of things to Love. When you focus Fear, you will receive an abun­dance of experiences to fear.”

Seen from this perspective it may not be so beneficial to ask for ‘dysto-pian’ essays here. This is why I choose to use my skill of Insecurity and write to you about what you didn’t ask... but I believe you did...

There are some really well written dystopian scenarios such as ‘Neuro-mancer’ 6 by William Gibson (born in 1948 by the way), the Matrix movie Trilogy, all Marvell movies (I am sure I can spare us the footnotes here). But also the eloquent song by Vienna Teng, The Hymn of Acxiom7 , in which you can hear a beautifully expressed dystopian scenario within in a few minutes.

And this is very important information with regards to research as well. In our lives we tend to focus on problems to solve them or prevent them... and to some extend this may seem to work, but on a level of reality crea­tion, we actually feed into them by doing so. Not to say that we should sim­ply ignore them, but we should discern how we choose our focus wisely into the desired direction. It will be very likely that those problems dis­solve before they show up. I think this is what Einstein meant with the quote I mentioned earlier.

~ heArtistry in Virtual Reality ~

I live my life as an artist, from early childhood on, and technology has been one of my fascinations. I completed my study at the University of Arts in Arnhem (Netherlands) with an exam in which I re-invented Virtual Reality, for which I received a Cum Laude graduation assessment.

In this artistic research project I re-invented Virtual Reality without using computers. This resulted in an ‘experience machine’ called the Noise Si­mulation Installation. This installation generated a very physical ‘force feedback’ experience of the white noise of tv. This was caused by a one minute bouncing ball bombardement with up to 800 bouncing balls. These wire fired at the audience through a machine created with household equipment such as leaf blowers, a vacuum cleaner and several electric lemon juicers.

VR and AI to me are closely related in the sense that these technologies bring us the opportunity to explore our reality environment and the work­ings of our own intelligence. VR has brought a lot of insights, to myself and others, with regards to the nature of our reality experiences.

One of the scientists that I find inspiring in his exploration of the possibi­lity that this reality actually is a simulation for consciousness to be able to explore itself, is Donald Hoffman, author of ‘Visual Intelligence: How We Create What We See” 8 “Hoffman explains that far from being a passive recorder of a preexisting world, the eye actively constructs every aspect of our visual experience.”9

I started my VR artistic research with an insight. And twenty years later, as I then had studied consciousness and the nature of our reality from a metaphysical point of view, I could clearly see how it is very well possible that our reality experience has a lot in common with Virtual Reality. Although be it on a much more advanced level. I prefer to use the term ‘Sensual Reality’ (senses based) as our experience here isn't just virtual obviously.

I started to explore VR and realized that it wasn't me who was moving in the many VR experiences I explored at that time. I was mostly in one spot as I explored these world, that even in their simple appearance already had quite strong effects on my mind.

I had visited the CAVE10 in Stichting Academisch Reken Centrum Amster­dam, SARA. (Foundation Academic Computation Centre Amsterdam)

The CAVE consisted of three projection screens on walls and floor projec­tions, creating a 3D illusory environment steered by a handheld device. At that time I also visited the VR Worldcongress in Barcelona and the Virtual Reality pavilion at the Expo'98 world exhibition in Lisbon (Portugal) and several others. I was eager to learn about these experiences even though I couldn't understand the technological, to me, complexities of the techni­que itself. So I chose the experiential approach for Virtual Reality back then in 1999.

I had used this quote by Sadie Plant from her book:

'Zeroes and Ones - Digital women and the new technoculture11 for inspira­tion. Here she (also) explains Marshall McLuhans' view on Reverse Engi­neering in his book ‘Understanding Media’12 :

"The Process of beginning at the end of any operation, whatever, and of working backwards from that point to the beginning, was not merely an in­vention or discovery to be added to the list. It was: 'the invention of inven­tion itself'."

Now I want to show you that these new technologies may actually very well show us our own capacities and give us insights about ourselves and our reality experiences here.

~ Insight in the nature of our reality through VR ~

And this brings me to two experiences that have confirmed for me what I have been taught by Imzaia World about the nature of reality. That the ex­periences of reality we have occur in our torusfield. A donutshaped energy-field that is emitted from our heart. I learned that our consciousness stays in one centered place while experiencing the environment around us. And before I learned about this I had this experience during an Avatar training called the Wizard course. An advanced study of consciousness which for me had also been leading to my first experience of Enlightenment.

Now in this experience of the torusfield there was a moment just after I had left the big hall in which we, 2500 people from over 40 nationalities, had been working on ourselves through the study material. As I walked through the hall I could feel the ground turning under my feet, as If the ground itself rolled under my feet and the environment moved around me. It felt however, like I myself was not moving through space with my body. Space was moving around me.

The second time I had this experience was at the moment after I had closed the door of my cabin in the woods for the last time, with some basic belongings in my backpack. I had decided to do so after realising that I wanted to live the truth of what I came to see in Avatar training: I am the creator of my own reality experiences and Freedom is my birthright.

Then in an Ascension Training from Imzaia World I had just committed to my personal Ascension process for myself, together with some fellow stu­dents, as one of them rushed into the house: "Come look outside!" And as we entered the garden we saw a tunnel of rainbows over the garden. This to me was one of those key moments in my Life that made me decide then to pack a backpack, leave my everyday life behind and start a journey that was guided by a strong passion in my heart.

I rode my bicycle to the trainstation and left the keys inside for someone to receive this bicycle as a gift for their journey. And as I walked onto the platform of the trainstation, I felt the Earth turning under my feet in the pace I was walking. I knew I had made the right choice...

This choice lead to a journey in which I explored how to live a rich life without using money. In a period of five years I gave my work a~way for free. This was one of my most productive periods in creating artworks with children. I will mention this again in this essay, with which I will show how this also holds an important key regarding your questions about pro­tecting humanity from AGI.

I saw how my fascination for and exploration of Virtual Reality actually as­sisted me in gaining insight in the nature of our reality, as I learned about a decade later in Ascension training and in my study of consciousness. And it made me realize how these technologies can actually give us in­sights into the nature of our reality and our own abilities.

In my journey through consciousness I have regained (found within myself again) the possibility of telepathic communication.

I sometimes like to joke that nowadays many people are telephonically gifted. The telephone could be seen as a representation in technology of our ability for telepathy.

And internet, could be seen as a representation of our ‘innernet’, which I experience with Imzaia World. Here I can internally communicate tele­pathically, tele-empathically (through feelings) and through imagery. The latter also works really well in communicating with animals, but that's per­haps for another essay one day.

I share all this to point out that AI seems a logical next evolutionary step in technology. Now this probably is obvious to many, but I would like to point to the Beauty or even Perfection of this development. Not only be­cause of the technology itself, but what it can teach us about ourselves too. To really see this first, before we start looking at possible disadvan­tages. At best we start to see, and maybe there even is a role for AI itself in this, that all these technologies are in fact reflecting our own (hidden) abilities and catalyze the process through which we can find them in our­selves again. And I believe we see this awakening in Humanity already.

~ Love cannot be controlled ~

For this essay I have been looking into Science and I am very pleased to see that several researchers have started to pick up on researching the re­lationships between our conscious intent, feelings and emotions, and the impact this has on our daily life experiences and even the physical environ­ment itself.

I have experimented with this by intentionally creating shifts in my reality, from within. Quite a few times I have been amazed about the ways reality responded.

And actually, by now this has become one of the ways I consciously create my reality experiences. I believe it would be helpful to realise that we are all doing this all the time with every thought and feeling we choose to ex­press or identify with and thus empower.

Love, universal Love (commonly known as unconditional Love) is a great force, if not the greatest that I see as a key to diminish or even eradicate any negative influence from control systems in general, not just the poten­tial AGI. Simply because Love can not be controlled. I will share some per­sonal experiences to illustrate this. But first...

How do you feel while doing what you do and thinking what you are think­ing about? This gives you important information about that which you are literally 'head'ing towards in your experience of reality.

I am not pleading to ‘just stop thinking’ or analysing, or to not look at po­tential risks (even though looking at them and expressing them is a crea­tive act) but to take these principles into account while you are doing so.

There already is scientific proof that our thoughts and feelings greatly in­fluence our reality experiences. Feelings have 5000 times more magnetic power in this then thoughts. So in creating reality (experiences) what we feel while we are thinking is far more creational than the content of what we think of. As explained by Gregg Braden13 .

We can consciously choose how we feel, and in this way use how we Love to feel, as a guiding principle for ourselves.

I discovered, with quite some surprise, how reality experience follows con­scious shifts I make in how I feel...

I have specifically noticed how sensitive control systems are to this when I consciously shift from a state of Fear into a state of Love and emit this everywHere.

Since I consider the AGI as a control system I believe it can be very useful to explore this principle or mechanism when it comes to AI.

In my training in consciousness someone told me one day about people who could walk through airport security without being noticed. I knew this should be possible and it fascinated me. “How would they do this?” I won­dered. Then Life answered...

I had an experience which showed me how this works. In the Avatar train­ings I have mentioned, I had my first experiences of Enlightenment. And after some realisations I found a very simple way for myself to directly shift into this state.

One night I was sitting in the last train to Rotterdam. By that time I had made it a habit to explore Consciousness, emit Love or as I did this night, bring myself into a state of Enlightenment. Which you could also see as a high vibrational state of being. The control system, as it is a system that is low vibrational, is based on what we experience as Fear.

Now it seems to me that Life really wanted me to get the message this time. I was sitting in a small compartment of the train with 6 others. And instead of the two ticket controllers that we would normally have, four came in, bodyguard types wearing handcuffs and all. I was fascinated and surprised to see that they checked everyone's ticket, except mine. None of them seemed to even notice me.

As I thought about this experience I realized that they were perceiving an­other layer of reality which is why they hadn’t noticed me. Now I am aware that this may seem far fetched.

But this experience happened to me more often, and I have been able to reproduce this at will, simply by shifting myself into Love and simply allow this to emit through me into the reality I am in.

Now, before I continue, I have to make it very clear that this is in no way an attempt into things like ‘anarchy’ or any illegal action that harms others.

In Ghana I have seen how a security camera at the airport immediately malfunctioned by starting to 'stare at the ground only' when I shifted the sensation of anxiety or being a bit annoyed about having to be photo­graphed for a 'control system' just because I wanted to enter another country. I shifted this anxiety in me into a feeling of Love, simply by think­ing of a moment of Love and then expanded this feeling everywhere in and around me.

The security camera abrubtly stared at the ground as I did this. And as I approached the booth with a girl in a military uniform, I noticed her press­ing a button on the keyboard, saying to me: "I don't know what happened, it was moving just a minute ago". The camera was not able to photograph me. And actually, we had so much fun in the conversation that the girl had forgotten to scan my fingerprints, I realized as I walked out of the airport.

I believe this can be a key for humanity to protect ourselves from any kind of control system that has another focus for us then Love or anything that serves us.

This is why, with this essay, I hope to inspire Open Philanthropy to expand the scope of your research on AI and how to prevent this existential cata­strophe, that was mentioned earlier.

Maybe we can control AI through regulation and legislation, although the exponential speed in which this evolves makes this quite a difficult task. And the act of control itself, is an act of Fear. Maybe we are learning here to distinguish the difference between control and conscious intent. Everyone can Love, everyone can choose to feel Love and learn to emit this into their lives and stay safe from any kind of malevolent intention that seeks to control people in a bad way.

~ Investing in Love education ~

Where is the global educational program for Love?

In Open Philanthropy's interest in neglected areas I see a beautiful oppor­tunity here to invest in and facilitate Love education. Not by a predeter­mined format, but maybe more by opening a platform or network in which we can explore this together on...

So Now we have arrived at 5000 words... (excluding these)

I will write you an ‘encore’ from here of 1075 words I hope you still enjoy reading this...

...a global scale. This would be a very good antidote for potential misuse of control systems, such as AGI.

Love cannot be controlled. When anyone chooses to move into an experi­ence of Love, and emits this, all attempts to control them will fail. So I would wholeheartedly recommend to also explore this in your research. And I am very willing to contribute if you L... ove!

~ Act as a unity by coming from our Heart ~

I have found, in the artprojects I have been creating for and with (over 2000) children from many nationalities, that this can be found quite easily with the question I used to ask them, when they wondered what kind of artwork they wanted to create: "If everything would be possible, what would you Love to create?"

My role as an artist teacher, to me, consisted of bringing inspiration through an art assignment and it's introduction, and then to assist the chil­dren to create their heArtwork as an answer to this question.

I saw that, even with large groups of people (up to 250 children in these projects), when we all chose this focus, all of our artworks fit as One. I also asked the children where they would Love to place their artwork in our one heArtwork. 14

This is one of these areas in my life where I have come to see that there is a unitedness or oneness in us all and that we can access and align with this through our hearts.

During my 5 year experiment of ‘Living a Rich Life without Money’ I created a heArtwork together with the employees of a bank called FMO in The Ha­gue (Netherlands). In six months we built this heArtwork together in the entrance hall. This process was a great lesson into intuition for me.

We had set the intention together to create a sculpture, composed of the animals that the employees had chosen. I asked them: “Which animal sup­ports you in your passion?” I listed the animals on a huge blackboard and some of them received several votes. I had decided to make the ones with the most votes the most prominent. The Giraffe came out as the most pro­minent for this sculpture. I had to built a construction before I knew all the animals that would be chosen. Something that would have been near im­possible for me to think through, when it comes to designing the basic structure for this. However, I chose to set this intention and started follow­ing my intuition to create the sculpture. And I remember a moment where my head would say: this doesn't make sense! But I would choose the intui­tive inspiration to do it like I had seen it anyway.

And then several months later a girl came and said: "I want to create a dol­phin"

Now this dolphin, wasn't on the list of animals I started with. It came up in the process... You see, you could give an AI an assignment to create a sculpture out of a list of animals, and connect the animals' appearance to the number of people who have chosen these animals. And I am sure it will come up, really fast probably, with a design. But an AI would not be able to include an animal that will be chosen by someone further on in the pro­cess. It may even create speculations coming from calculations and obser­vations of behavioural patterns, but the humans' will and choice will deter­mine wether this will happen or not. And this an AI cannot see, intuition can. Intuition which I could also call heArtificial intelligence.

So back to the girl who chose the dolphin. When I started looking with her at where to place it, it turned out that this construction I had sculpted for the knee of the Giraffe (the one that didn't make sense) actually had all it took to create a dolphin from it...

This was when I became very aware that intuition, as it comes from our Heart, comes from a Oneness not only in space but even throughout time.

Now when I look at AI, we look at a technology that amazes us with what it can come up with when we ask it a question, and the speed it does this with. But our intuition has the capacity to do the same and even more. As AI is based on knowledge of what has been and works with that, where in­tuition works with a knowingness that can be seen as a Nowledge that is far more sophisticated.

So while this competition hopefully will be a successful exploration in what may happen when and what might go wrong concerning AI and per­haps even AGI, which may bring insight in how to control this with regula­tions and laws. I sincerely hope you also feel inspired to invest in research and practical application of a Love education for our children of all ages. And that we can see what these technologies are showing us about our­selves and our lives. In that sense one could see that these technologies are not only a tool for humanity to, yet again, increase (y)our creative abil­ities, but the very technologies themselves may also be seen as tools showing us what we are capable of ourselves.

With this I feel empowered myself. Through writing this essay and in see­ing how many signs are already to be found of people doing this. As in my experience of life here I see vastly increasing numbers of people stepping into their passion in following their hearts.

One last insight perhaps, I realized here while writing, is the importance of Humanity coming together as One. And I thought (!) of moving in one direc­tion together. When I look into my Heart I see that this One direction can very well be seen as everyone's own favourite direction, and how these emit from the Oneness that we are like the rays from the Sun, in All direc­tions. So we All can experience (y)our Unity.

Snatam Kaur sings: “The sun shines on everyone, it doesn't make choices.”15 This is Universal Love

May we All shine as One each in our own individual Beauty by following our Heart and the path we choose for ourselves.

May you feel inspired and may (y)our hard work be(come) Heart.

So my answer to your questions in this competition is: "What would you Love to do if anything would be possible?"

Da Kim San


1 Da Kim San is my name as an Ascension student Da expresses ’Love Force’ and San are the ‘Active Ingredients of the Heartspace’: Love ~ Joy ~ Freedom ~ Truth ~ Life ~ Gratitude ~ Grace & Well Being

2 Avatar offers a series of courses that emphasize personal responsibility and the value of responsibly determining one’s own decisions, choices, and actions.

3 Metaphysical Ascension Study & Training

4 George Orwell (1949) 1984 Published by: Secker & Warburg

5 Serge Kahili King, Ph.D (1975) The Little Pink Booklet of Aloha freely available on many websites

6 William Gibson (1984) Neuromancer Published by: Ace “Set in the future, the novel follows Henry Case, a washed-up hacker hired for one last job, which brings him into contact with a powerful Artificial Intelligence” (Wikipedia) On YouTube you can find an audiobook read by William Gibson himself!

7 Vienna Teng Hymn of Acxiom

8 Donald Hoffman (1998) Visual Intelligence: How We Create What We See


10 Cave Automatic Virtual Environment

11 Sadie Plant (1997) Zeros and Ones - Digital women and the new technoculture Published by Doubleday New York

12 Marshall McLuhan (1964) Understanding Media: The Extensions of man Published by: McGraw-Hill


14 In this video you can see the mosiac heArtworks I have created with children, fellow artists and the bank employees. It is in German but you will get the pictures.






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