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Hi EA Forum,

The next Public Philosophy Network Conference is on the theme of "Facing Technology: The Role of Public Philosophy," and I wanted to reach out to the EA community (many of whom I think of as doing public philosophy) to invite you to submit. The conference will be convened and hosted by the Center for Public Philosophy at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in partnership with the Baskin School of Engineering and the UC Santa Cruz Humanities Division. 

The conference dates are September 8-10, 2023. Please mark your calendars, spread the word, and join us for what promises to be an innovative and exciting event. 

Please see a detailed Call for Proposals at the PPN website, including information on submission requirements and a submission link. We invite proposals for workshops, panels, lightning talks, and poster presentations from philosophers and practitioners working outside and inside the academy to seek socially valuable outcomes. Submissions are due by March 24. 

Please feel free to contact me with questions at ianolasov@gmail.com. And thank you in advance for your submissions!


Ian Olasov

Vice President, Public Philosophy Network 

Organizing Sponsors:

  • Public Philosophy Network
  • Center for Public Philosophy at UC Santa Cruz
  • UC Santa Cruz Humanities Division
  • Baskin School of Engineering
  • UC Santa Cruz

Event Sponsors:

  • Marc Sanders Foundation
  • Utah Valley University Center for the Study of Ethics
  • Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State University
  • Kegley Institute of Ethics at CSU Bakersfield 
  • Public Philosophy Journal
  • Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization
  • Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy at George Mason University 
  • Richard Richards Institute for Ethics at Weber State University 




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