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The CEA Virtual Programs team is piloting a 5-week Career Planning Program! Apply by August 27th.

Key info

  • Dates: September 11th - October 15th, 2023
  • Application deadline: August 27th
  • Target Audience: Anyone who is considering pursuing a career in an EA cause area and who has an existing understanding of EA ideas.
  • Content: Participants will complete an adapted version of 80,000 Hours' career planning template, and have weekly discussions with a facilitator and a group of peers interested in pursuing similar career paths.

We think we can help you to plan your career by providing structure, accountability and feedback during your career planning process. Through a combination of reading, exercises and discussions, you'll explore what a high-impact career looks like for you, and start making progress on next steps. Find out more about the program here.

We highly recommend this program if you:

Note: Though the materials for this program are based on the 80,000 Hours 8-week career planning course and 80,000 Hours was consulted when creating this program, they are not the organisers. However, we would still encourage people to apply to 80,000 Hours 1:1 advising – the accountability and structure of this program makes a great compliment to 1:1 advising!

Ready to apply? Find out more about the program here and register here by Sunday, August 27th.

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This looks really cool! I will recommend it to 80,000 Hours advisees :)

Will the program be offered again @Cian M


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