I'm currently in C School, which is a course for learning how to be a community manager, and one of our projects was to create a 25-minute Community Pitch. I chose to pitch a community that would operate under the 80,000 Hours organization. This would be a synchronous community with a forum, daily events and engagement, and a paid structure to generate revenue so 80K can offer more content and career coaching. 

The purpose of the community would be to network job-seekers, career changers, and anyone who wants to work in side the career space. If you want to see more of this pitch, here's my presentation

After all my research, it seems like a pretty practical and helpful idea! Instead of just being a space to discuss EA, existential risks, etc., it would be a community that empowers people from all experience levels to find EA-related careers and build the skills they need to be successful in those careers. 

During my research, I found a number of threads all about EA-career searching, job hunting, and how to build skills, but there's no formal place (that I know of) that serves to equip people with practical advice. 

What do you think? Is there a place I don't know of for job seekers? Would you join this kind of online community?




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