Announcing altruisto 3.0 - app that lets you donate to EA-aligned charities while shopping online

by daniel_w 1 min read14th May 2020No comments


After a few months of intensive work I am happy to announce altruisto in version 3.0. Altruisto is a browser extension that lets you donate money to EA-aligned charities while shopping online. At no extra cost. It works with over 1000 shops, including eBay, Etsy, Microsoft, AliExpress.

The company is registered as social enterprise and the source code is open. So far we have generated ~$4000 from previous versions. I hope this number will go much higher now :)

The two most requested features were: 1) being able to see how much money were donated thanks to my shopping 2) being able to choose between different cause areas. I am happy to say that both of them have been added :)

Here's the link to the app:

We are now working on a mobile version, but you can always go to find the shop you intent to buy from, and activate the donation from there.