4X donation match - Int'l Women's Day - TODAY only

by gogreatergood1 min read8th Mar 20203 comments


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In honor of International Women's Day, please check out one of the BEST and most EFFECTIVE ways you can help women:


I was able to help set up a 4X Matching Donation -- only through midnight tonight PST, March 8.

Fistula Foundation is one The Life You Can Save's 22 top charities. And is a "top charity contender" for GiveWell as well - https://blog.givewell.org/2020/01/02/update-on-our-work-on-fistula-foundation/

Thank you <3


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My personal opinion: these kind of important, time-sensitive, and relatively content-free fundraising announcements should be kept to EA Facebook groups.

I agree. I won't ban content like this from the Forum, but I do recommend that people share it on platforms like Facebook that people tend to check more frequently, and which more easily "hide" content that is no longer relevant. 

In most cases, I expect to keep short-term fundraisers in the "Personal Blog" category (with some exceptions for large community-wide activities like EA Giving Tuesday, or for posts that also include substantive content about a cause area).

Sounds good, makes sense, Peter and Aaron.