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You Don't Need To Justify Everything

LOVE this post. The Julia Wise one you link to is my fav. And now this is an excellent pairing for that. I will be sure to share when I see people doing what you describe, or worrying about it, which will be sooner than later !!! 

Thank ya Thomas!!

Skinny Dip for EA
  1. I  am using the same language here, that I present this project to the media and to others with. I thought this would be beneficial. You are seeing the same thing that the general public sees. Except (I hope) with a lot of background info and links to explain my thinking.
  2. My language in that is not weaselly because it links to a page that shows exactly what I'm stating. It's indeed, widely regarded, as one of the most effective charities in the world. By (as the linked page shows) The Life You Can Save; CharityWatch; Great Nonprofits; GuideStar; Charity Navigator. 

    Do you have any evidence that Fistula Foundation is NOT widely regarded to be one of the most effective charities in the world? Maybe you don't think it is one of the most effective? But it's widely regarded to be, and by some prominent and well-regarded third parties.
  3. Your link here is exactly my same link that I put; I think you missed that. Yes I agree, that it may not be an upper elite ranked charity. And that's why I linked to the same page. However, within this link that we both posted, they do state: "We think that Fistula Foundation may be in the range of cost-effectiveness of our current top charities. However, this estimate is highly uncertain for a number of reasons." It seems to be well within a good range of high effectiveness. But if you are a stickler for elite effectiveness only, a great case can be made for that, to NOT donate to them, and fair enough. We seem in general agreement here. I'm not sure what I'm stating that's false. It did not make the GiveWell cut after they looked into them. I agree.

+ I am in no way whatsoever affiliated with Fistula Foundation. Why do you think so? If you are going to donate less to them in the future, based just on the wording of this post from a random person you don't know, and not based on the evidence of the work that they do, I'm not sure your reasoning on that.

+ I do hope you join me in skinny dipping on this day. I'm not sure why it's 'pandering' for me to say that. However, if you don't want to, that's all good too!

Thank you for writing back your thoughts. Helps me to get the idea of why I am getting downvotes. I do hope to get some feedback on the project itself outside of the wording, if anyone has any ! Thank you again!

Power of Int'l Women's Day (March 8)

Wow. Read through your 2 comments here (and on the other forum post you linked to - where I also just commented). Thank you so much for taking the time to share the insights. 

I especially like the idea of a site dedicated to this. There are a couple pages out there that I can find, namely on the IWD website itself, but nothing worth even linking to, in my humble opinion. Def room for something awesome to come along, and give a couple options for. (Maybe there could even be a section for effective giving within the US or developed countries too, although if it did, this should certainly be secondary and not as highlighted.)

It's not too early for me to consider next year already... and if you (or anyone reading this) is possibly interested in helping a website come together (from site design - to simply being available for a little brainstorm)... let me know here or via DM. 

One semi-simple way for a website to occur, would be to just encourage TLYCS - or some other org - to create such a page themselves... with the info (and site design) they already largely have on hand.

Suggestions for running a donation drive/maybe donation matching initiative for Int'l Women's Day? No idea what i'm doing

Hey! Jackson alerted me to this post, cause I just posted something similar: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/LRcy4cSmgmXxhy8ym/power-of-int-l-women-s-day-march-8

(Aside from the post itself, Jackson made some helpful comments there as well, which I would recommend looking at!)

This is my 4th year in a row donating to Fistula Foundation on IWD, and trying to get others to donate as well. I usually do something a little extra to get some attention (one time I slept outside for a week in the winter; now a days I do a personal donation match up). I have had great uptake among family and friends (and even some strangers), to donate to FF, and on top of that... to know the important work that FF does... and to also be more educated about effective giving in general. (Hearing people put this in their own words at a later date... who learned about it through me... is an awesome experience.)

As far as posting to feminist-themed reddits and facebook groups etc, I have tried, with little attention gained, and no donations that I know of. I think this can be good still though; sometimes you just need to phrase it the right way, post at the right time, get it to the right person, etc.

Anyway, let me know over there, or over here, if you have any thoughts. It's last minute, but curious if you have any thoughts about this year; and also if you might be interested to possibly team up for next year.

-- Thomas

Power of Int'l Women's Day (March 8)

3. I'm also wondering... are there similar thoughts / attempts in regards to leveraging mass attention toward more effective aims? 

(I saw some attempts at getting BLM / police reform attention toward more-effective causes; but I don't know how much attention these got outside of EA circles? Any other examples?)

On Sleep Procrastination: Going To Bed At A Reasonable Hour

The author of this forum post already links to that :)

On Sleep Procrastination: Going To Bed At A Reasonable Hour

Nice post; awesome illustrations.

I really love the https://heyfocus.com/ site blocker (bonus: it tracks how much time I spend working through the day, and I can easily see my work progress in chart form by day, week, month, year).

Got that tip from this article: https://markmanson.net/attention-diet, which also lists other good site blockers, and tips for focus. (skip down to "Step 1" onward, and especially "Step 4".)

EA considerations regarding increasing political polarization

Tool by Jon Haidt for reducing polarization: openmindplatform.org

It's a free, interactive course, which takes only ~1.5 hours total.

You can use it individually, or you can start your own group and be able to track your students' progress.

I just finished it yesterday, highly recommend.

Fun Fact: Someone from OpenMind did a lightning talk about it at EAGxBoston 2019.

Interesting article, thank you.

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