There is a ton of attention on this day every year. Let's leverage that.

Plenty are interested to DO something positive for women on IWD... however, as usual, they don't typically have an easy answer of what TO do... leading them to do nothing / ineffective actions.


Enter Fistula Foundation... featured on TheLifeYouCanSave's exclusive top charity list... looked into by GiveWell as a potential for their even more exclusive list... (though of course, not making this cut at the moment:"We think that Fistula Foundation may be in the range of cost-effectiveness of our current top charities. However, this estimate is highly uncertain")... and getting the highest marks from all other third parties that everyone is familiar with.


Fistula Foundation is straightforward and pull-at-the-heartstrings: they provide surgeries which CURE women of their incontinence (leaking urine/feces) due to childbirth injuries. 

FF has cured over 85,000 women. And they work by building up local health infrastructure in long-lasting ways. (This is no band-aid method. FF plans to permanently end incontinence for all women on earth, in our lifetimes.)

Personally, I will be donating to, and sharing everywhere this page I created:


IWD 2024 — Cure Birth Trauma


(to organizations, I will share this week; to my friends and family, I will launch a campaign starting on Monday, March 4)


  1. Will you join me in donating / sharing this page? 
    to companies / non-profits / your friends and family / anyone who cares about IWD and women?
  2. What else can we do to leverage the attention of IWD 2024 for life-transforming ends?
  3. Are these types of straightforward, pull-at-the-heartstrings, charities and stories, an ideal "gateway" for newbies, into effective giving? 


(of course, constructive criticism of anything here, is most welcome)




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