The Millennium Project is searching for AI experts to participate in a Delphi survey with deadline 31 Dec. I thought many of you may be interested in participating:

"The items in this questionnaire are the kind of items that will have to be considered in your national legislation and UN governance on AI and future forms of AGI.

You are not asked to answer all the questions, just those you feel comfortable with answering. The first two set of questions are more technical for the AI experienced and the third and fourth set of question relate more to international governance structures.

This study does not focus on artificial narrow intelligence (ANI) that we have today or future forms of generative AI that we could have in a few months. Instead, this study focuses on AGI that some experts believe we could have within five years. For the purpose of this study, AGI is defined as an AI that can create novel problem-solving strategies to address novel problems similar to or beyond human capabilities; it has agency and acts as if it were conscious.
This questionnaire is based on personal interviews and statements of 55 AGI experts and thought leaders. The background on that earlier work, Phase 1, is available here. If you send an email to I will send you a complementary copy. All those who respond to this questionnaire will be listed in the Phase 2 report (unless you ask not to be) and will receive a copy of the results.
No attributions will be made; your name will not be connected to any answer, unless you put your name with the text of your answers.
You do NOT have to answer all the questions, just those you feel comfortable answering. AND you do not have to finish it on one visit. Unlike other questionnaires, this Real-Time Delphi allows you to return as often as you like to read other participants’ views and to edit your own comments. You can return as many times as you like until the deadline of December 31, 2023. 
Please go to, enter your email address, then use code BNW1, click go and answer a few demographic questions.  Please return as often as you like. You don’t have to answer the demographic questions on your return visits.
Best regards,
Jerome C. Glenn
Executive Director"


I received it in an email but you can also find this information here.




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