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I understood from two 80,000 Hours employees at EAGx Oxford that the organization specializes in advising on careers that ensure the survival of humans (including so that they can benefit others) but does not specialize in recommending career opportunities for improving entities' wellbeing.

Animal Advocacy Careers advises on animal welfare professional engagement. I do not see (including from the list of EA-related organizations) organizations that gather EA-related opportunities in the human and AI wellbeing fields.

I am asking also because of the Future Fund's interest in funding "organizations that provide targeted career advice."

Having 4 specialized advisories (survival of humans, animal welfare, wellbeing of humans, and sentient AI wellness) could benefit the EA community by enabling applicants to develop specialized capacities (while keeping up with each other regarding possible partnerships).




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CRS has written about career advice for s-risks.

CLR does some coaching.

HLI seems to be working on career recommendations.

So cool, basically CRS focuses on careers in reducing suffering or s-risks (various roles and individualized approach), CLR on s-risks (perhaps more networking referrals in order to promote CLR's values if these are shared with the applicant), HLI on near-term/current generation happiness improvement (suffering prioritization or deprioritization is not explicitly stated) (which may however have long-term effects, e. g. if positive education leads to malevolence prevention) learning with the applicant about top opportunities for impact in the applicant's ar... (read more)

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