I write to ask if there are charities or interventions my 2-year-old Zikora can benefit from.   Zikora suffered from  meningitis attack at 11 months of birth, despite being fully vaccinated. She was taken to a day-care centre, upon feeding her she started vomiting and went into comma. The doctors diagnosed meningitis.  The bacteria meningitis caused her three major complications: Cortical blindness, loss of hearing and Motor dysfunction. 

There are absolutely no support for kids of this nature in Nigeria. The doctors said she will need cochlear implant. For the vision, early intervention is key, but we took her to the school of the blind, they rejected her that they only accept kids from 4 years above. So we are just home. 


I plan to setup a foundation to support kids like this within the country and help kids with meningitis complication. The health care system in Nigeria is not fully developed to manage complications like this. Cochlear implants are entirely out of our reach financially. We need to travel out of the country to get one.  

Meanwhile, if there are causes, charities that would support her medical trip to enable Zikora get early intervention to help her make the most of her vision and get a cochlear implant as well.  I would love to know and explore. If you on the other hand want to help, please kindly reach. Feel free to DM or reach me via eennadi@gmail.com 




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