In the spirit of my last post, I wanted to make one more recommendation for inspirational EA-relevant media, the anime Dr. Stone (I’m sure the manga is good too, but as I haven’t read it, I’m only recommending the anime here). I’ve actually already written a whole blogpost about it, and considered linking it here as my recommendation, but ultimately I decided that the post as written wasn’t EA specific enough or polished enough for me to be comfortable with that.

Besides which, it barely discusses the most obvious connection Dr. Stone has to Effective Altruism, that it goes through ways to recreate modern technologies from scratch in the wake of a disaster. I was particularly reminded of it as I listened to the 80,000 Hours interviews with Louisa Rodriguez and Lewis Dartnell. Dartnell even said he would like to see a show with roughly this premise in that interview!

EA Twitter has stumbled onto this a couple of times, but it has never seemed to quite stick. In general I find the lack of interest in anime relative to other types of media I see discussed in EA circles somewhat surprising, as EA is disproportionately made of nerds and young people. I think Dr. Stone is a good place to start, and even if you don’t think it’s great as piece of EA media, I still think if you’re an EA, you’ll likely find it inspiring and a lot of fun.

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Here are English translations of the first season's theme songs, which I deeply enjoy.

Thanks! I hadn't seen these before.