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Freelance Web Developer

Common Vision is a creative studio that provides award-winning creative services to non-profit organisations and for-profit companies working to improve the future for humanity, the planet and non-humans. We channel top creative talent and focus it on the world’s most pressing problems.

Common Vision is currently looking for a talented and experienced freelance web developer to look after one of the best non-profit websites built on WordPress to date. Other web projects are possible so it could also suit a small web development studio or team. Common Vision subsidises the site however we expect to pay market rates.

The ideal candidate will have a can-do attitude, attention to detail in both code and frontend styling, passion for technology, extensive web development experience with frontend and some backend skills.

We work with top design talent so all our sites are completely customised with pixel perfect frontends that would look great in anyone's portfolio. You should aspire to be building sites that look like this: https://www.tiltongroup.com/en/ or this: https://nordarun.com/.


  • 5+ years working with WordPress, plugins, custom themes and WooCommerce;
  • 5+ years experience building websites using PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript;
  • Understanding of modern web development and best practise WordPress Development;
  • Working knowledge of source control software such as version control though GitHub;
  • Ability to work independently and comfortable working geographically dispersed;
  • Ability and willingness to work with designers to get tiny details just right;
  • Very reliable with good general communication skills;
  • Willingness to learn new technologies and implement quickly if needed;
  • Knowledge of best practise web and WordPress security would be helpful;
  • Knowledge of web animation using GSAP and others also helpful;
  • Interest in pixel perfect UX/UI helpful;
  • Interest in EA/Longtermism and animal advocacy in particular would be advantageous.

Sounds like you? Please contact: brendon@commonvision.net
Please briefly describe your experience, availability, interest in working with CV.


We Empower Non-Human and
Human Advocates





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