Hack4Impact is a student-run, nationally-certified nonprofit that builds open-source software for other nonprofits and socially responsible organizations to make a real difference in people's lives and our community. Our members are passionate about many different social issues, and we source projects from a wide array of spaces — from education and food insecurity to the environment and civic engagement. As a skilled and dedicated team, Hack4Impact Cornell is reaching out to help identify problem areas in your organization and develop quality software solutions for free that support your mission. Currently, we are sourcing projects for our Spring 2022 semester. Please feel free to check out our website, linked above, to learn more about our organization and mission.


Last semester, we worked alongside the Correctional Association of New York (CANY) to develop a data visualization dashboard that displays information to help determine which prisons need monitoring, what conditions are escalating, and identify trends that form over time. We also worked with Formally to build a PDF-to-Form Converter that translates legal jargon in immigration papers into easy-to-understand questions in a fillable form. Lastly, we worked with the Xenophobia Meter Project to track xenophobic sentiment on Twitter and give users resources/tools to take action against xenophobia so they can elicit change. 


If these types of projects interest you, and if your organization has problems or challenges that can be overcome with technical solutions, please fill out our form here and contact Ishika Agrawal at ia83@cornell.edu, Connie Liu at cl2264@cornell.edu, or Anusha Choudhury at ac978@cornell.edu. Upon completion of the form, we will set up a time to chat with you, alongside our Product Research Team, wherein we can provide more information about our organization, other past projects, and discuss how we can work with you towards identifying such problems and building solutions.


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to connect us with other nonprofits that you believe would benefit from our services. 





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Go Big Red! Don't you mean fall 2021?

Thanks you  guys. I was looking for this kind of solution, but couldn't find nowhere. And thanks to you, buddies, I just sent my technical questions to the people involed.  

I am very proud that some people do such amazing and kind things selflessly! Honestly, I want to join your team and do this with you. Tell me, do you need a developer in the team? I don't have much experience, but I'm very interested in this business and learning fast. So far, my main inspiration is the company entranceconsulting.com since these guys do their job just professionally. My brother turned to this company for them to make a custom application for his business, and I was shocked at their service level. I want to work at the same high level in the future, and I hope everything will work out for me.

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