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Due to the recent organizational change, The 30th of November marks the last day of Elmerei Cuevas, Alethea Cendaña, and Jaynell Chang in their respective roles in Effective Altruism Philippines.

Presented here are their farewell messages to the EA Community:




When I first took on this role back in February 2022, I only expected to stay a year. That was the grant duration we were given. It became a wonderful surprise that I got to extend for another few months and even got to lead in organizing #EAGxPhilippines. 

My sun may set now as ED of EAPH, but despair not for a new beginning is about to dawn for the community.  My biggest takeaways from this role are really the people I met, the friendships, the calls, the chats, the talks about dreams, frustrations, hopes, and aspirations. I hear people thanking us for making EA Philippines as welcoming as it is, but really, it is the community who has made it welcoming- we merely mirror to others what the rest of the community is like. 

I thank everyone who has joined our events, meet- ups, retreats, and even engaged with us virtually through Slack, Gathertown, social media, and newsletter during our tenure. I cherish the love and support you have extended to Althy, Jay and I, and hope you may also be generous to share it to the next leaders of the community. I will still be around - “an Elmer”, “a kuya” you may reach out to whether or not an EA-related topic. Hehe

Believing the Best, 

Elmerei Cuevas

Outgoing Executive Director of Effective Altruism Philippines



To all who made the past year the most delightful chapter of my life: Thank you so much for all the cherished memories, the lively banter, our collaborative endeavors, and the shared commitment to effective altruism.

When I first came to EA Philippines, I knew I found more than a supportive community — it was a compass guiding my beliefs in doing good while expanding my perspective on what's possible and how I can contribute. EA Philippines has been a safe place to explore my advocacies, sharpen my principles, and embrace altruistic ambition.

To the student groups, especially those with whom I shared my first years in EA, thank you for crazy parties and random sessions about our rants about EA. I hope you stay as fun and as critical. Keep inspiring young, talented minds to pursue a better world in the most effective ways.

To all the seasoned professionals, thank you for teaching me to be pragmatic so that I can navigate through real-world problems with practicality. I am grateful for all your stories about your career experiences and for sharing your passion for EA, as you still find time to juggle projects and commitments outside your primary work.

To Tanya, Brian, Elmer, Jay, Janai, and Red, thank you for allowing me to work alongside you and bring to life all the projects, events, programs, and ideas that I hoped to create. It is because of you that I was able to achieve whatever impact I made in the EA Philippines community.

This is not a goodbye because I will still be around. If you need any help, advice, or want to delve into conversations about the animal advocacy movement or anything about effective altruism, please feel free to message me.


For a better, compassionate world,

Alethea ‘Althy’ Cendaña

Outgoing Associate Director of Effective Altruism Philippines


As a farewell, I would not be revolving my message on myself—but rather I would dedicate this portion of this space to you, dear community member.

All throughout my life I held to one insight stemming from the Little Prince—What is essential is invisible to the eye.

I have held on that insight for too long that I was able to witness how significant it is to put value on what we don’t see, or rather, what we felt—especially on where we are now.

Meeting other community members and talking with them, I saw one similar aspect that is interconnected to each of us, and that is—how we are all unique and special.

Where you are now is where you are meant to be. No individual is not deserving of certain greatness or best, but when we don’t get to achieve it, do not fall into turmoil or grief. It is not easy, I know, but you are where you are needed to be. Most important thing to remember is that you are special and unique. It is just a bump in the road or you may not find the proper answer in the moment.

For the meantime, this is an opportunity to reflect where you are now and look where you came from. You’ll be surprised how far you came. Progress is still progress because what weighs more in this life are the little aspects we tend to not pay notice—you choosing kindness over being mean, you choosing to live than give up, you who chose others than yourself, and you who chose to do good despite the harsh realities of our world.

You’re doing great. Please keep at it. Wherever you are I hope the warmth of the sun give you the brightest hugs because you deserve it. You are invaluable.

We all did our best. My efforts; your efforts contributed to where our community is now, and it may be invisible to some, but essentially find comfort that there are people, like I do, who recognize all the efforts that you do—in the community and in your life.


Your supporter to the end,

Jaynell Chang

Outgoing Communications and Events Associate of Effective Altruism Philippines





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