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Fish welfare is a relatively young field with many open questions. While Fish Welfare Initiative and many other organizations work on closing these knowledge gaps, our resources do not allow us to address all of them. As a result, we recently published thesis ideas highlighting the most significant knowledge gaps hampering effective fish welfare work. We strongly encourage researchers and organizations to explore some of these questions on fish welfare to help institutions make impactful decisions.

The research suggestions are arranged by subjects. Each topic includes the major question(s) to be answered, the importance of conducting this research, and preliminary resources if we are aware of any.

The document's intended audience is researchers from all seniority levels, including bachelor students, master students, and Ph. D. candidates. Interested individuals should think about their available resources to design a project on any of these topics. We also believe that some of these topics may be good volunteer and intern projects.

You can find the document here. We will frequently add and remove suggestions as new research becomes available.


We are very thankful for suggestions from Gautier Riberolles, Saulius Simcikas, Jay Shooster, and Amy Wilson.




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