EA Politics survey - Google Forms

I am running this survey to inform the content of my website, which is the successor to the Candidate Scoring System reports you may have seen, where I analyze political issues from an EA perspective. This survey has three main purposes:

  • On subjective evaluations of weights and priorities, I will replace my own judgment with a more reliable crowd estimate.
  • On issues where it turns out that I agree with the EA community, I will have the stamp of consensus to reinforce my position.
  • On issues where it turns out that I disagree with the EA community, I will dive deeper into the arguments on the matter and see if I should revise my position or do more work to try to address the concerns of other EAs.
  • Generic feedback about the website/content (if you've seen it before).

It requires Google sign in (to limit to 1 response per person) but I am not collecting email addresses.

I will share the results later.




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