Open for comment: EA career changer worksheet

by AllAmericanBreakfast1 min read3rd Jul 20194 comments


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Link to Google Docs worksheet (open for comments)

As per title, I'm working on a worksheet for EA career changers. The goals are to help individuals better manage their deliberation process, and to provide structure for productive community networking among career changers. Right now, I have a number of concerns:

Is it too complicated?

Missing important questions?

It's untested.

Is it an inferior version of another questionnaire?

It's meant to stimulate public discussion yet asks about private information.

It may result in a giant text blob that becomes hard for the user to process.

Could it be more specific to EA?

I originally meant to create a checklist, but don't see a way to do that right now in a way that preserves the general applicability of the device. If you have thoughts on any of these questions, please comment below or in the doc!