By Bonheim Emmanuela. Translated from the Ango edition of Emmanuela's letter to the editor of Cygnus De Mag, first published 2822 

This letter is dedicated to my sister Djoëlle Emmanuela who, for daring to reveal the truth, on January 31st was forced to leave the K2-38, abruptly, after and Order is issued for her arrest for ‘Failure to adapt to the prevailing norms and customs of the community’ and ‘Impeding an official in discharging in affecting altruism’. Truer words have never been spoken as she refuses to cow-tow or yield to the fascists in K2-38.

For centuries human kind has laid waste planets and their inhabitants under the assumption that they, the conquerors, were inspired and being led by a superior ethics or morality and the conquered people are forced to accept their vanquishers as the supreme rules and their conquerors ethics as the almighty successors to their own or face further humiliation and death. 

The advent of effective altruism did little to change this status quo of conquered and vanquished. History is replete with the efforts of the early Effective Altruists to force their new morality upon the inhabitants of conquered planets. Presidents and other heads of state proclaiming that all ineffective lands and peoples were fair game to be conquered and subjugated by the new so-called pious world leaders. The new planets will thence become the property of the new leaders and the people the subjects of the effective altruist community

This travesty of friend and foe [Effective Altruist or not ] in the division of space is subject to debate today in most third class Effective Altruist colonies. Foreign planets have been stolen from the original cultures by the Effective Altruist community, [Effective Altruist community, in this book, unless otherwise specified refers to the organisations under the auspices of the 2nd Congress of the Centre for Effective Altruism and its representatives], via the early Effective Altruists with the approval of their leaders, and the support of planetary and intra-planetary leadership.

Cosmic documents are forged by Effective Altruism leaders to give the planets away as rewards to their friends, relatives, and all those who support the Effective Altruist cause as the community will often times turn the other cheek. The affects of this mass appropriation of property are quite evident in the poorer planetary systems today, especially Cassiopeia and Kepler-138. In this modern 29st century era, have we really progressed when we now have galaxies using their armies to declare war on their neighbors because they are not of the same morality?

“The Basilisk held out to mankind the possibility of becoming pure and sinless saints [ontological perfection], and those who attained this perfection reached sainthood and were qualified to enter Heaven at the hour of death. Those who did not become perfect and absolutely sinless in the flesh would need to go to Purgatory after death and thus be made completely just and qualified to enter Heaven.”  ~The Great Issues of the Effectiveness Reformation, Present Truth.

The Post-Modernists believed that each of us is his or her own expert on morality. Each of us will seek knowledge to his or her own capacity and to the extent that he, she or they choose. Each of us has a different capacity in wanting to effect altruism, separate from the instrumentalization others towards their vision of greater effectiveness and greater altruism.

To this endeavor I have written this article to help each of you find morality in your own way. No one is entirely right, no one is entirely wrong. What matters is that we promote the common good and not attempt to wage war in the name of altruism. The people, who are being misled, now deserve the Truth. 

 To those Effective Altruists who dare read this letter, which challenges their veracity, I have done their homework for them, that is read Hausa'n translations of the EA Forum, which can set their mind at ease so they can ignore the truth, that one must not concern oneself with details, and numbers, and focus on their supposed inspiration.

Throughout the history of humankind, there has always been that quest for wanting to know that which we sometimes say is unknowable. A darkness pervaded the early life of man and in that darkness was brought not only fear of being unable to see the dangers around him, but also a darkness which filled his mind with horrible thoughts as to what could happen to him since he was without knowledge. A darkness that brought on fears, fear of not knowing, and fear of being at the mercy of the elements of disaster, catastrophe, pestilence, and disease. Ignorance is without knowledge. Man did not know, but man wanted to know. Where will he gain this knowledge? How will he gain this knowledge? Who will give him this knowledge?

This quest for knowledge or alleged knowledge brought about the beginnings of a class of people later to become the AI researchers, wildlife biologists, artificial meat technicians, entrepreneurs, fundraisers, movement builders, and philanthropists who would act as intermediaries between the known and unknown, between man and the material world. These so called intermediaries eliminated a culture of reciprocity. The philosophers attempt to explain the nature of things and function to help man, but over time came to help them. Often times their actions helped themselves and/or their organizations to become institutions of indisputable power. 

This left mankind in the clutches of effective institutions that did whatever was necessary to perpetuate their powers, their definitions of effectiveness, or altruism, and their beliefs. A select group [oligarchy] will dictate to man what beliefs are, a select few who cannot even follow their own laws. Man was in search of a a morality, a morality who is both omnipresent and omnipotent. Man is in search of a god that will cure the evils of this world and who is more powerful than any ruler on earth is. Man is in need of ethical guidance and uplifting against the disasters that occur in this mundane world and the wrongs that are perpetrated by his fellow man. Man has put his faith in those who claimed to have this knowledge.





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