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I run a Facebook group where you can share polls about EA-related questions.

If you want to ask a question, or you want to contribute to the community of poll-responders, consider joining! (Be the data you wish to see in the world.)

Sample polls to inspire you

Here are some examples of polls I thought were good:

How common is voting in the EA community?

I was in a discussion about whether people in EA tend to be disconnected from politics in "normal" ways, most prominently voting. Based on the people I knew, I figured that voting was very common; my interlocutor thought it wasn't. So I created this poll.

Is it monstrous to kill a being that can't feel pleasure or pain?

A common use case for the group is to check moral intuitions, as Peter did here.

Is rationality content generally helpful to community members?

Another one of those things that comes up a lot in conversation. This poll won't end that conversation, but it's still somewhat informative.

What should ACE call its fund for more speculative grants?

Another good use of a the group is just to see how things sound to people, like ACE did.




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Hi Aaron, thanks for sharing these!

I think it would be best to blur names and pictures however unless you asked for consent by everyone who is depicted. I have not voted in any of the polls, but if I had I would have done it with the assumption that this cannot be traced back to me outside of Facebook.

Thanks for the note. The group is open for anyone to join, so poll responses won't be anonymous, but I've removed the images from this Forum post to keep everything on Facebook.

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