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Outreach concerns - What are your biggest and how to avoid them?

by Asaf Ifergan1 min read30th Apr 20201 comment


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With the goal of building our Israeli community and possibly effecting the non-profit landscape to make it more evidence-based and effective, we're now working on outreach strategies.

So, I ask - What would you be most concerned about regarding outreach, what should we be careful of, and how can we avoid making mistakes?

I'll share some of our worries, feel free to suggest how to avoid those aswell:

1. Oversimplifying - Giving the idea that EA is one particular thing and not a complex set of ideas and questions (e.g. it's about global development/climate change/X-risks/research/evaluating charities)

2. Dillution of the community (more about that in the fidelity model link down below).

Useful links about this are anonymous answers about the flaws of the EA community by 80,000 Hours and The fidelity model of spreading ideas.

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