I have the desire to express some of my positive emotions regarding EA publicly on the forum here and cheerlead for everyone doing good for a bit. Probably this is because I’m still a bit drunk from New Years Eve and because it brought me into a reflective mood.

This is the first post on this forum for me and I don't think it will be quite high quality compared to other post being made here. It will not have tons of carefully crafted reasearch behind it but just authentic feelings and (hopefully) at least slightly motivating prose. However I was explicitly encouraged so why not try it.

I feel like in can be hard to express big personal feelings, especially in a rather uncontrolled social space (like a big forum full of people you would like to impress with your coolheaded rationality in the future). However, in the better world I want to see become true, I would like it to be a widely established tradition to not be afraid to speak what one thinks and to always be bold and truthful even when it can be socially uncomfortable. Therefore, here have my Mettā and my Love. I hope you like it. (Luckily the anonymity of the internet softens this whole difficulty somewhat :)

Anyone in this forum, this community and this world who wants to make all of this a slightly less dreadful place and tries to turn that wish into a reality has so much of my respect and love that I can hardly express it with words. I wish everyone here and on this whole world who wants to do good all the greatest successes this year and every year from the deepest depths of my heart. May you recognize the truth of this universe as well as you can, may your moral intuitions guide you through the dark woods of moral dillemas in this world full of suffering, may your will (if free or not) be strong enough to resist all the temptations of delusion, hopelessness and ego and if you should ever fail with any of these may you not give up but rise to try again. 

I feel this often, but you can’t express it too much too often or people would probably start finding it a bit cliché. But I wanted to express it now at least.

I want to share a few additional things. I really like art and I feel art can often be the best way of spreading a certain kind of feeling and that it is one of the few good brainhacks we have to better connect with each other emotionally. I also think that having a branch of EA focused on singing the hymns of love and truth so that all may get hope from it is highly valuable and also the reason why I write like a weirdo in this post. I will possibly write a more detailed and researched post about this at some point but for now I just want to share some art that I find very EA aligned.

The first thing I wanted to share is the poem Good Bones , which encapsulates to me a lot about how we can have hope even when there is so much bad in this world. I really like this poem a lot.

The second is this music playlist (write me if you are interested and don’t have Spotify), which has some of my favourite songs on it, which are (to me at least) about the strength, hope and faith Humanity and we all will need on this long hard journey ahead.

If any of you liked any of that or even if you didn’t like it, feel free to pm me about it. I would really like to considerably raise the amount of 1on1s I have with EAs and other good aligned people. 


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Thank you for making this forum more beautiful :-)

The first thing I wanted to share is the poem Good Bones , which encapsulates to me a lot about how we can have hope even when there is so much bad in this world. I really like this poem a lot.

I inverted this poem a few days ago with ChatGPT and a couple of edits, you might say it's from the world we wish to build:

Life is long, and I make sure my children know this. Life is long, and I've lengthened mine in a thousand wise, well-advised ways, a thousand wisely well-advised ways I share with my children. The world is at least fifty percent wonderful, and that's a conservative estimate, which I make sure my children know. For every stone thrown at a bird, there is a bird that still flies. For every child in need, there is a loving caregiver. Life is long and the world is at least half wonderful, and for every cruel stranger, there are scores who would care for you, which I make sure my children know. I am trying to show them the beauty of the world. Any good realtor, showing you a truly wonderful place, talks about its good features: This place is already beautiful, don't you think? It doesn't need any changes.