I am curious what (else) to include in a bundle and if there are any organizations already offering these.

I am assuming 100 employees in my Fermi estimate calculations.


I thought of ($/year):

$1,000: Carbon offsetting (considering per employee emissions comparable to average American personal emissions)

  • It should cost $7 to offset emissions of an average American (18.6 metric tons) (ImpactMatters archive)
  • The operations of a company can emit as much as an average American per person if a reasonable part of the upstream value chain is considered
  • I assume that $1 billion or more can be spent on planting trees since area in as favorable climatic conditions as the current ones should be vast. Thus, this rate should be available to 1 million enterprises.

$2.500: Slavery (unpaid human labor) offsetting (assuming as many slaves per employee as that per an average American, about 10,000 total slaves) (education)

  • Top ways to provide an additional year of education that would have otherwise not been provided should be for $2.5 (12:40). Assuming that a student needs to gain only 5 years of education to prevent enslavement for 50 years, that is $0.25/working person/year. Assuming that there are 100 slaves per employee, comparable to the number per an average American, a medium-sized company can employ 10,000 slaves. That is $2,500/year.
  • This rate can be applicable maybe to 1% of students, assuming 1 billion students, that is 10 million students, so $25 million available, so to 10,000 companies. However, with education efficiency increases, this rate can be available to more companies.

$3,000: Animal suffering offsetting (if applicable, assuming 5 million animals/year)

  • Maybe 150 FTE animal advocacy equivalents can pass informal and formal policies that make animal subjective experiences positive and acceptably high in a large emerging economy, such as India. This can impact about 50 billion animals (considering that an average Indian uses 50 animals/year). Assuming that in 10% of the cases the change is decisive (from negative to acceptably positive wellbeing) or the impact is equivalent, 5 billion animals suffering is offset. 150 FTE at $20,000 is $3 million. That is $0.0006/animal. Assuming that a medium-sized company that works with animal products can use 5 million animals per year, that is $3,000. – Assuming that there is a room for funding of about $120 million, then this rate is available to 40,000 companies.

Total: $6,500/year


Assuming that the revenue of a 100-employee company is $10 million, that is only 0.065% of the revenue to offset negative environmental, social, and animal impact.

One can argue that offsetting is an unacceptable practice, however, it may be a viable option for the first 50,000 companies.


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