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A supertaker is big. Let's imagine you want to move it. Where will you push? Where will have the most effect? Most places are the same - 0[1]. But therea are a few  are some very small places (the steering wheel, the ignition, which will have, billions of times more impact. To get to these places is hard, but this is where the change happens.

Does a boat want criticism? Does a boat end up changing directoin?

A boat is built to be more or less impossible to move everywhere, except for some very small channels.

We shoudl be the same.

Less of this "we welcome criticism" more "we welcome it through the right channels, then tax them appropriately"


  • Very easy 
  • Very difficult




  • It's easy to be for or against things
  • Criticism is too big a topic
  • We should be for criticism which provides input where it is [needed]
  • Examples
    • Ignored advice
    • Submitting feedback as requested
    • Feedback as a means of placation
  1. ^

    They are much more tractable

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