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This post part of an attempt to draft in public. See my reasoning here. This is a personal post so if you see it, it should be because you chose to. I invite you to become a joint editor or suggest comments/text blocks below. 


  • Some people like to release everything at once, in a static form
  • Others like to tinker and improve things as they go
  • I think the latter group could be cheaply helped by a few changes
  • I am trying out some new ways of interracting with the forum, I'm attempting to keep the impact on other users low while I do so
  • Here I will justify what may seem weird
  • I suggest some changes that would make my life easier and make this less disruptive
  • I offer anyone the ability to collaborate on any of my EA forum posts

An offer

I will let anyone become a dual author on any of my posts if they want to make edits to improve it. 

This offer is currently open but I may revoke it later. If you have a very low karma account, I may ask some questions

What I'm trying

  • I am publishing posts (as personal posts) that I want to write, so that I can write and link them as I go
  • This is the way I think and I think I will create more this way

If this is disruptive please tell me

I have tried to avoid that in every way I can think of. My work-in-progress posts are marked as "personal" and basically only publicly accessible if you search for them (I think).

Please tell me if you are interacting with this or another partially written post and you didn't expect to be.

Body of the article

  • Different people have different styles
  • Low cost to accomodate people like me
  • Broader benefits

Easy to implememt feature suggestions

  • Drafts can be shared with everyone or with all logged in users
    • They don't appear in search but can be linked to
    • Maybe the titles are stuck from first creation, whic his a bit annoying but seems fine
    • This would basically solve all my problems when I try to draft publicly

Hard to implement feature suggestions

  • Implement the editing system I suggest here:
    • Comments appear alongside text (I'm told the forum already has the tech for this)
    • Comments are hidden intially unless you turn them on
    • You can set a minimum karma where comments appear
    • Users can turn on community editing
    • Edits appear as boxes that float beside text. If you click them the document the document shows the edits on the text
    • Users can up and downvote edits
    • Authors can accept edits if they want
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The forum is bugging and showing this as a frontpage post, despite me asking it not to 

While I guess this is partially my fault for trying something new, I did specifically untick this box.

There do seem to be bugs around this post, I'm not really sure what's going on, but I'm flagging it to the rest of the team. I marked this post as "Personal" though — I hope that works as it should! 

(Thanks for trying this!) 

I can still see it on the frontpage.

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