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When I was a Christian, we used to talk about 'equipping'. This was the notion that it was the church's job to teach and prepare members of the community.

'Equipping' was many things but it included:

  • Teaching about the Bible and how to live
  • Encouraging people to pray
  • Providing people with models to be functional at work, as parents and in marriage
  • And so on

My church saw itself as a coordination hub for its community. If there was a problem, the church though that it was it's responsibility to fix. Sometimes in EA I think we have too little of this mindset. It's great to give people agency, but there are some similar problems that community members face. And they could be 'equipped better'

  • Providing everyone with easy access to the resources we think make people most productive
  • Providing everyone with easy access to the resources we think make people happiest
  • Creating a space where community members see their value in correcting experts
  • Allowing people a way to create track records of predictions, projects and funding decisions that will allow them to control more resources later
  • Creating processes for people to find friends, collaborators and mentors



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