EA Archives Reading List

There's a lot of material written by EAs on a range of relevant topics scattered across the internet, but currently much of it is difficult to find (especially older posts). So I created this reading list, aimed at people who are familiar with EA but want to explore in more detail some of the ideas that have historically been influential within EA.

These are often more niche or unusual than the material used to promote EA, and shouldn't be taken to officially represent the views of anyone except their authors. In particular, I don't endorse everything written here. However, I am trying to only include high-quality content that I think is worth reading if you're interested in the corresponding topic.

Over time, I expect to add more new content, and likely also to remove some material that hasn't aged well or hasn't been very influential. The material I'm familiar with is quite skewed towards my own interests, so recommendations for things to add or remove are very welcome.