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Animal welfare

Lessons from history

  • Key Lessons From Social Movement History
    • Lessons from a series of posts about how different social movements successfully (or unsuccessfully) pushed for moral circle expansion. (2 hours)
  • The Narrowing Circle (see here for summary and discussion)
    • An argument that the “expanding circle” historical thesis ignores instances in which modern ethics narrowed the set of beings to be morally regarded, often backing its exclusion by asserting their non-existence. (30 mins.)
  • The Subjection of Women
    • An essay published in 1869 by John Stuart Mill (with assistance from Harriet Taylor Mill), arguing for equality between men and women. (10 mins.)
  • The Better Angels of Our Nature
    • Illustrates why we live in the most peaceful time ever in history, by looking at what motivates us to behave violently, how these motivators are outweighed by our tendencies towards a peaceful life and which major shifts in history caused this global reduction in violence. (Book — 834 pages)
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