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Shaping the development of artificial intelligence


  • Technology Roulette: Managing Loss of Control as Many Militaries Pursue Technological Superiority
    • An argument for how advances in military technology (including but not limited to AI) can impede decision-making and create risk, thus demanding greater attention by the national security establishment. (60 mins.)
  • Big nanotech: towards post-industrial manufacturing
    • An explanation of how atomically precise manufacturing could displace industrial production technologies and bring radical improvements in production cost, scope, and resource efficiency. (10 mins.)
  • AlphaGo
    • A documentary exploring what artificial intelligence can reveal about the ancient game of Go, and what that can teach us about the future potential of artificial intelligence. (Video - 1 hour 30 mins.)
  • The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Part 1 and Part 2
    • A lighthearted and interesting exploration of artificial intelligence by the popular blogger Tim Urban. (45 mins.)
    • Best read alongside Luke Muehlhauser's additional notes (which correct and clarify many details in Tim's posts).
  • The Future of Surveillance
    • An exploration of ways in which the future of surveillance could be bad, and an investigation into accountable, privacy-preserving surveillance protocols. (Video - 15 mins.)
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