Cause Exploration Prizes

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I am a frequent reader of the forum and I wanted to make a post regarding Cause Exploration (Prizes). I searched the tag to get a general sense of  the "bar" you look forward to. There seem to be only three posts so far. Am I missing out on something?

Hi arghya - sorry I missed this post. Just as a reminder, we're paying $200 for the first 200 submissions made in good faith, so don't feel put off submitting something if you don't think you have time to write something that you think will be competitive for the top prizes.

We suggest my colleague Lauren Gilbert's shallow on civil conflict as an example of a shallow investigation of a potential cause area. She's also published one more recently on telecoms in LMICs. There's also the guidance page of the Cause Exploration Prizes website. 

Looking forward to hopefully reading your submission!

It looks like three posts have been submitted publicly, but additional submissions may have been made privately. I suggest posting questions about the Cause Exploration Prize as a comment to the post announcing the initiative rather than here, since it is more likely to be seen by the organizers.