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Felicifia was a utilitarianism discussion forum active between late 2006 and the mid-2010s.

The forum hosted discussions, by contributors such as Toby Ord, Carl Shulman, and Brian Tomasik, about many ideas that would later become a core part of effective altruism, including earning to give, wild animal welfare, the timing of philanthropy, and others. Sam Bankman-Fried was a regular visitor in the early 2010s, and credits that forum for introducing him to the effective altruism community.[1]


Two versions of the Felicifia forum existed. The original version ("Old Felicifia") was created in late 2006 to early 2007 by Seth Baum, as a group blog/forum which superseded an earlier solo blog by Baum with the same name.[2] In 2008, Ryan Carey and Sasha Cooper created a new version ("New Felificia"),[3] and Old Felicifia was abandoned shortly thereafter.[4]


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