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After making this tag, I saw that there was already a wiki-only tag for the Forethought Foundation. (Apparently the wiki-only tags don't appear on the Tags Portal, so my search there missed it.) But I still think it's worth having an actual tag for the Forethought Foundation, since it seems useful to have Forethought-relevant Forum posts tagged and collected. So I propose keeping both tags until the wiki-only tags are made usable in the regular way or the two tags are merged or something.

Fixed. In case you notice a wiki-only tag that should be a regular tag, just send us a message and we can fix it.

Thanks! Shall do. Maybe that should be suggested as a general thing on one or both of Aaron’s recent posts related to wiki only tags?

I.e., these ones:

Hi Michael. Thanks for your contribution. I slightly tweaked the original version of the entry to reflect the quote you added. In general, I think it's preferable to have a description of an organization's mission than a quote from their mission statement. I've also turned the links pointing to external websites into internal links, to conform to our general policy of including only internal links in the main body and relegating external links to the 'Bibliography' and 'External links' sections (mirroring Wikipedia and other online encyclopedias). Given the presence of these internal links, it was no longer necessary to have them again under 'See also'. Feel free to revert any of these changes if they don't make sense to you.

I am in the process of writing an official 'style guide' so as to make all of this less confusing.

Those changes make sense to me.

I did wonder about the internal links and the duplication of them as "see also". My main rationale was simply that just copying from the org's site was the fastest way for me to make the tag, and other people could adjust it later if that'd improve it, so I'm glad you did so! 

Yeah, a style guide sounds useful :)