Value of information

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Wikipedia (2021)(2004) Value of information, Wikipedia, November 21 (updated 27 February 2021‎).

Maybe in future, this entry should also discuss option value? Or perhaps we should have another entry for that?

It's a separate concept!
Yeah, definitely. I was just thinking that it might be sufficiently connected to this concept that a (say) 5 paragraph version of this entry should include a paragraph on that concept or the connections. Like how I'd say that the page on philanthropic diversification [] should mention diminishing returns (and indeed it does). But I'm not particularly confident about that; I just shot off the above comment without really thinking about it when I was quickly looking for VoI-related posts to give this tag to, and I saw one I remember liking that was focused on option value but also mentioned VoI a few times. Re-reading the relevant section of that post now [] , it does sound like that author would probably approve of option value being mentioned in a 5 paragraph version of this entry. But I haven't really thought about it. (I sometimes use these Discussion pages in a brainstormy / note-to-self-y way as I flit about various entries.)
I was already planning to have a separate entry on option value, which I will create shortly. I agree the connection between the two should be briefly discussed in at least one of the two articles.