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Daniel Abiliba is a Ghanaian veterinarian and the Director of Animal Welfare League. Daniel has spent his life using his personal and career experiences to help animals. As the son of a rural farmer in Ghana, he grew up in the midst of animals - cattle, sheep, goats, donkeys and dogs; caring for and shepherding them. While his focus is on animals, he is also a One Health advocate with keen interest in biosecurity and policy development. He has experience in veterinary medicine, animal welfare advocacy, community building, effective altruism and longtermism. He received his education at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology(KNUST), Ghana with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. He was WVA/MSD African Veterinary Student Scholar, 2018. He is an avid researcher, and has spoken at the African One Health Network Conference. Daniel currently works at KNUST Veterinary Teaching Hospital and runs Animal Welfare League. He loves art and watching art documentaries.

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University group organization tools, EA fellowship, Biosecurity research and Events organization.

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Animal advocacy in Africa, Biosecurity research and research in Africa, Event planning and EA events in Africa


I think this is clearly an interesting project and I’ll be watching your next steps.

My query has to do with environmental and cultural challenges the operationalization of this project might face. To be specific, certain water bodies have cultural importance to community members and some are sacred in most countries across Africa, hence considered “untouchable” or not to be tempted with. This problem may it be, would be aggravated by the low formal education level that might challenge “the destruction of their sacred waters”.

I want to inquire if your team have considered this and the possible way outs.

I am intrigued about the elimination of malaria probably due to my first hand experience of the disease, so kindly let me how I can help especially with the African pilots.