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I'm a Social Anthropology and Sustainable Development student at the University of Edinburgh, interested in social justice and change! Me and my colleagues are here to learn about 'effectiveness' in charitable giving from and with you. Please drop me a message if you'd be interested in talking with me!


Thanks for the clarification Aaron! That's what makes EA so interesting!

Unfortunately we do not have any ethnographic research published at the moment but do have a participant information sheet for anyone interested in knowing more about our research. We are unable to link it here but would gladly send it to anyone interested.

Our email:

That is amazing Cullen! 

Was this towards any particular organisations/charities? 

Amazing read!

Just had a quick question on whether these 'scale factors' you mention are the elements you use to determine the effectiveness of charities?

Thanks for this- a really interesting read! 

I was wondering where you would suggest charities should get this 'independent research' from? One of the EA virtual events I attended briefly mentioned 'expert' research. Would you agree? If so I am curious what  you mean by 'experts'?

Again, thanks for the post!