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How has Covid-19 affected the way you give?


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I gave more than I thought I would. In early 2020, I predicted I would give between 11% and 12% of my income to charity in 2020:

Unfortunately, due to the higher cost of living in the Bay Area and my student loan obligations, I do not foresee greatly exceeding 10% this year. I predict that I will ultimately end up donating between 11% and 12% of my income this year.

However, I actually gave closer to 16%, primarily due to lower expenses, good investment returns, higher earnings, refinancing my loans, and stimulus checks.

That is amazing Cullen! 

Was this towards any particular organisations/charities? 

5Cullen_OKeefe19dAs listed here [https://cullenokeefe.com/blog/my-2020-giving]: * Legal Priorities Project: $ 10,005.50 * Long-Term Future EA Fund: $ 8,036.00 * Joe Biden for President: $ 2,800 * GiveWell (regrant): $ 1,551 * Center for Election Science: $ 1,000 * Charter Cities Institute: $ 1,000 * EA Cameroon: $ 250 * Against Malaria Foundation: $ 120 * GiveDirectly: $ 83.51 * Malaria Consortium: $ 30 * Nuclear Threat Initiative: $ 22 * Wild Animal Initiative: $ 10 * MIRI: $ 10 I don't think COVID changed my allocation very much, with the exception of the EA Cameroon donation.
2Jess-UoEstudy202118dMay I ask why it is you had decided on this way of donating and how you came to the decision that these projects were the best donate to?