Hello everyone!

We are Social Anthropology students studying at the University of Edinburgh and are interested in learning about what various participants in the EA 'movement' think about 'effectiveness' and the organisation as a whole. 

We're doing ethnographic research, which means taking part in some activities alongside you, while talking to you directly in events, on forums, and in interviews. If you'd be interested in talking to me about your experiences and thoughts about effective altruism, please feel free to send me a private message and we can find a time to chat!




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Hello, Alana! This sounds like a cool opportunity, and I hope you get participants from the Forum.

If you or other members of the team have published any ethnographic research before, it might be good to link that here, so that people have a better sense of what they'd be signing up for.

And one clarification: effective altruism isn't really an "organisation", but instead a loose collection of organisations and individuals with certain values in common. One could easily think that one charity connected to EA does incredible work, while another with the same level of connection isn't great.

Thanks for the clarification Aaron! That's what makes EA so interesting!

Unfortunately we do not have any ethnographic research published at the moment but do have a participant information sheet for anyone interested in knowing more about our research. We are unable to link it here but would gladly send it to anyone interested.

Our email: effectivealtruismuoe@gmail.com

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