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EA in the mainstream media: if you're not at the table, you're on the menu

"It is only when you don’t care about your reputation that you tend to have a good one."
-Nassim Taleb 

300+ Flashcards to Tackle Pressing World Problems

Hi Bara, thank you very much for your feedback! 

Thanks for the catch on the malaria bed net :)

I think cancer deaths have been going up, not down (, so maybe you meant 4M not 40M in 2015.

I don't fully understand the problem with the 'payload' point, but since I'm in doubt, and I understand that it could be a risk, I will remove it for the moment.

yes! that's right I was off by a factor of 10 .. ok, as you wish.
300+ Flashcards to Tackle Pressing World Problems

Great catch! I didn't see this deck before, will go through it now. From a first look, it seems like the key numbers deck is general, and these decks are based on the 4 EA cause areas.

RyanCarey's Shortform

I recently published six new wikiHow articles to promote EA principles: How to Make a Difference in Your Career, How to Help Farmed Animals, How to Launch a High Impact Nonprofit, How to Reduce Animal Cruelty in Your Diet,  How to Help Save a Child's Life with a Malaria Bed Net Donation, and How to Donate Cryptocurrency to Effective Charities

Some titles might change soon in case you can't find them anymore (e.g., How to Reduce Animal Cruelty in Your Diet --> How to Have a More Ethical Diet Towards Animals, and How to Help Save a Child's Life... (read more)

300+ Flashcards to Tackle Pressing World Problems

You mean like Animal Welfare (beginners) and Animal Welfare (advanced)? Thanks for the idea! I never thought about it. Let me know your feedback on the cards once you start revising them :)

300+ Flashcards to Tackle Pressing World Problems

I agree with sharing more flashcards! Let me know your feedback on the Anki cards :)

300+ Flashcards to Tackle Pressing World Problems

Great feedback on the longevity of flashcards, will apply it, thanks!

Kurzgesagt - The Last Human (Longtermist video)

What a beautiful project for Open Philanthropy to sponsor! I was so happy to see my favourite YouTube channel publish this video :)

[Applications Open] CEA’s University Group Accelerator Program (UGAP)

Great idea! 

On the UGAP website, there's no mention that the program is online or physical. I recommend clarifying it :)

The Effective Institutions Project is hiring

When is the deadline for the volunteer application?

There is no deadline, we are always open to new volunteers :)
Editing Advice for EA Forum Users

This morning I thought, "EA Forum posts should be shorter and simpler," and now I read your post. Thank you for helping make ideas clear to everyone, not just philosophers ;)

I need to add more examples to my writing. For example, I wrote my list of 90 mental models with no examples, so some mental models are un-understandable. 

I recommend to everyone On Writing Well by William Zinsser, which improved my writing by 50%.
I summarised the book in my writing checklist for those short on time. Feedback is welcome :)

Direct effects of marine plastic pollution on some wild animals seem small

I didn't know fish had 10M neurons. Thanks!

I appreciate your quantitative thinking. But I believe it's unfair to say that a fish is 10,000X worth less than a human because a fish has fewer neurons. What if suffering has a minimum threshold of neurons and then declining marginal suffering after that?  We don't know (as you point out in your last paragraph).

"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted."

1Vasco Grilo4mo
Yes, I agree, there is lots of uncertainty! Moreover: * In addition to the importance of the death toll, one has to take into account its neglectedness and tractability. * Longterm effects should also be assessed, as they can concern most the expected impact of averting deaths (e.g. via expansion of the moral circle []).
Direct effects of marine plastic pollution on some wild animals seem small

Thanks for the post. I learnt about the size of the plastic pollution problem for animals.

I can't entirely agree with the framing of the article. 1M seabirds dying per year from plastic is not "small". It makes me think that this is not a big problem, and I shouldn't worry at all about it.

I would frame it as "1M seabirds die every year from plastic pollution, so it's a big problem (malaria kills 0.5M people per year), but it's still 1 million times less than 1T fish slaughtered per year."

5Vasco Grilo4mo
Great to know that you found it useful! In my mind, the meaning of words such as "small" and "large" is always context-dependent. In this case, I think it is fair to say that the impact, measured as the number of deaths, from marine plastic pollution on seabirds and marine animals is small in comparison with the impact of catching fish. In order to make comparisons between species, I think it is worth having in mind the number of neurons (a proxy for sentience) respecting each death toll. Estimates for the number of neurons: * Humans: 86 G (see this [,as%20other%20primates%20(26).] ). * Marine mammals: 7.10 G. * Geometric mean of the neurons for "Harp seal" and "Killer whale", which are the species in this [] list with the least and most neurons that are marine mammals. * Seabirds: 606 M. * Geometric mean of the neurons for "Mallard" and "Mute swan", which are the animals in this [] list with the least and most neurons that look somewhat similar to seabirds. * Fish: 10 M (see "Adult zebrafish" in this [] list). Number of neurons respecting each death toll: * Malaria: 627 k [] * 86 G = 53.9 P. * Marine mammals: 100 k * 7.10 G = 0.710 P. * Seabirds: 1 M * 606 M = 0.606 P. * Fish: 1.62 T * 10 M = 16.2 kP. Consequently, the number of neurons regarding: * Marine mammals and seabirds is similar. * Malaria is ~ 2 orders of magnitude larger than that of marine mammals / seabirds. * Fish is ~ 2.5 orders of magnitude larger than that of malaria. From the above, it naively seems that: * The death toll of marine mamm
Can we agree on a better name than 'near-termist'? "Not-longermist"? "Not-full-longtermist"?

"To define is to limit."
—Oscar Wilde

Let's be agnostic on near/long-termist definitions and try to do good.

Free-spending EA might be a big problem for optics and epistemics

Warren Buffett called his private jet 'The Indefensible' — then renamed it 'The Indispensable' after realizing it was worth the money.

14 Techniques to Accelerate Your Learning

“A life properly lived is just learn, learn, learn all the time.”
Charlie Munger

This post deserves 10X the amount of karma, congrats!

My takeaways:
-check the Nonlinear Library podcasts
-Intuition Flooding: read a bunch of examples to grasp a concept
-Spot the Core: summarise to learn, as in this comment :)
-Active recall doubles retention rate

I'm a big fan of learning. I have 7,000 Anki flashcards, read 150 books in 2019, and write on my website to learn what I write. Yet I learnt something from this post, thanks!

I used Notion, but I prefer Obsidian. It stores... (read more)

Hey Andre! Thanks for your encouragement and feedback (and for pointing out the Farnam mistake, I'll update that right away!) It's great to hear from others that also love learning!
TikTok DGB Giveaway Results

Congrats on the great idea! And wow, you have a lot of views.

I found Sam Bankman's TikTok funny :)

High absorbency career paths

Thanks for the post! Absorbency could be a 4th factor in the ITN framework for comparing career options. I'm curious about how 80,000 Hours considers absorbency in their list of top-recommended career paths.

CE Is Launching a Pilot Training Program for Grantmaking Foundations

EA has too few grantmaking organizations, and there's a big gap in small-scale funding. The program's impact can be tremendous.

I'm excited to see the pilot results and learn the grantmaking tools, frameworks, and examples that you will share.

P.S. The five available positions you list at the end of the post are expired. I would remove them.

New EA book: “How to Launch a High-Impact Nonprofit” by Charity Entrepreneurship is now available worldwide in paper and eBook format.

All charity founders should read How to Launch A High-Impact Nonprofit

I added it to my recommended books webpage.

What I learned from the book:

Potential Impr... (read more)

We need more nuance regarding funding gaps

Thank you for the insightful post!

Declining Marginal Impact of Donations

"For anyone deploying capital, nothing recedes like success. 
Back in 1951, when I was attending Ben Graham's class at Columbia, an idea giving me a $10,000 gain improved my investment performance for the year by 100%. Today, an idea producing $500 million adds 1% to our performance. 
It's no wonder that my annual results in the 1950s were better by nearly 30% than my annual gains in any subsequent decade."
—Warren Buffett, 1997 Letter to Shareholders

I think you would agree with... (read more)

Altruism as a central purpose

"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how."

Thank you for showing us your why. You inspire others to live meaningful lives. 

I'm curious how EA as a central purpose influenced your life. Which big decision did you make differently?

The EA Training Board is now live

Hi Chris, glad it was useful and welcome to the EA Forum, hope to read your posts soon :)

Best Countries during Nuclear War

Thank you so much for the amazing reply! I increased the weight of energy security.

I don't like the Global Food Security Index, because it's about the quality of food, not whether the country is producing/exporting food. Which other indicator would you use, and where do I get the data?

2Matt Boyd4mo
In a previous project we used the UN FAO food Pocketbook, although I think the way they compile data changed after 2012. We used the 'kcal production per capita' metric, from here: [] You can see what we did in the following two papers: [] [] There are FAO CSVs for more recent years available to download here: [] That's one suggestion.
We're announcing a $100,000 blog prize

There is no mention of "Medium" in that page, that's why I asked on the Forum.

We're announcing a $100,000 blog prize

What is your opinion of Medium for starting a blog, compared to Substack?

1Nick Whitaker5mo
See here []
What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now?

Sam Bankman Fried gave $25 to each Ukrainian on FTX.

Since this is not an answer to the question, it should be a comment instead.
We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

Small suggestion: I recommend putting a comma in the thousands (20,000) as reading 20000 has too many zeroes and can be misinterpreted as 200,000

Adjusted. Thank you!
What brand should EA buy? If we had to buy one.

MrBeast Youtube channel.

MrBeast regularly spends $10,000-$1,000,000 per YouTube video. He donates money, cars, food, or houses to video participants. In other videos, he plants trees, cleans the ocean from plastic, etc.

Imagine if he donated $20,000 to GiveDirectly, and showed the impact of his donations in rural Africa.

MrBeast is already an incredible altruist. Let's make him effective, too.

My Interview with The AI That Can Do It All

Ha! Maybe this AI just merged math and time, and found the 4th dimension of reality?It was a bit confusing at first, but I find it very creative that the answer to 2+2 depends on the time of day. 

I like your suggestion of having the AI write alternative versions of history! This is what I just asked it, to experiment:

Me: How would the world look like without racism? 

AI: There would be less hate in the world and people would be able to live in peace.

Me: How would the world look like without war? 

AI: The world without war would look very diffe... (read more)

My Interview with The AI That Can Do It All

I was extremely excited to learn how advanced GPT-3 is. The feeling I have is of infinite potential, like I could interact with it for days if not months, and learn more and more. 

I was really impressed with how quickly GPT-3 could produce results. I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of what it is capable of.

Normally, I read articles on AI and think " it's in the future and doesn't really matter to me now". GPT-3 showed me that the future is already here and more advanced than expected!

Normally, it takes me roughly a week to publish a blog... (read more)

My Interview with The AI That Can Do It All

Yes, I highly recommend Greenberg's podcast interviewing GPT-3. 

I forgot to mention this in the intro, thanks for pointing it out, I now added it

Short List of Cause Areas?

Thank you so much for the well-thought answer! 

Charter cities excite me as well: Shenzen in 1980 had 50,000 inhabitants when it became a special economic zone. Today, Shenzen is a global tech powerhouse with 20 million citizens.

As for land use policy,  I feel the cost of the problem myself by living in Paris, one of the most expensive cities in the world. A denser Paris would lower my rent and spare me a 1-hour bus ride every time I go out for a drink ;)

What is the most effective intensive farming video to convert meat eaters?

Thanks for your reply!

I agree that sometimes it's just better to lead by example, but I just needed a go-to video that I could share when needed. What Cody Saw is a great candidate, I found it on Facebook:

I agree that eggs and poultry are the best things to remove from a diet from an ethical perspective, I just thought that promoting veganism isn't a good idea. Most people won't go vegan anyways, and it's overall better if we get everyone to go flexitarian rather than a small minority going vegan.

Where is it most effective to found a charity?

It’s not strictly relevant, but the Word Bank publishes the Doing Business Report, ranking countries based on how easy it is to do business. Some indicators might be useful to charities, too, like enforcing contracts. Maybe, on average, countries with higher ease of doing business have also higher ease of doing charity.