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[Applications Open] CEA’s University Group Accelerator Program (UGAP)

Great idea! 

On the UGAP website, there's no mention that the program is online or physical. I recommend clarifying it :)

The Effective Institutions Project is hiring

When is the deadline for the volunteer application?

Editing Advice for EA Forum Users

This morning I thought, "EA Forum posts should be shorter and simpler," and now I read your post. Thank you for helping make ideas clear to everyone, not just philosophers ;)

I need to add more examples to my writing. For example, I wrote my list of 90 mental models with no examples, so some mental models are un-understandable. 

I recommend to everyone On Writing Well by William Zinsser, which improved my writing by 50%.
I summarised the book in my writing checklist for those short on time. Feedback is welcome :)

Direct effects of marine plastic pollution on some wild animals seem small

I didn't know fish had 10M neurons. Thanks!

I appreciate your quantitative thinking. But I believe it's unfair to say that a fish is 10,000X worth less than a human because a fish has fewer neurons. What if suffering has a minimum threshold of neurons and then declining marginal suffering after that?  We don't know (as you point out in your last paragraph).

"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted."

Direct effects of marine plastic pollution on some wild animals seem small

Thanks for the post. I learnt about the size of the plastic pollution problem for animals.

I can't entirely agree with the framing of the article. 1M seabirds dying per year from plastic is not "small". It makes me think that this is not a big problem, and I shouldn't worry at all about it.

I would frame it as "1M seabirds die every year from plastic pollution, so it's a big problem (malaria kills 0.5M people per year), but it's still 1 million times less than 1T fish slaughtered per year."

Can we agree on a better name than 'near-termist'? "Not-longermist"? "Not-full-longtermist"?

"To define is to limit."
—Oscar Wilde

Let's be agnostic on near/long-termist definitions and try to do good.

Free-spending EA might be a big problem for optics and epistemics

Warren Buffett called his private jet 'The Indefensible' — then renamed it 'The Indispensable' after realizing it was worth the money.

14 Techniques to Accelerate Your Learning

“A life properly lived is just learn, learn, learn all the time.”
Charlie Munger

This post deserves 10X the amount of karma, congrats!

My takeaways:
-check the Nonlinear Library podcasts
-Intuition Flooding: read a bunch of examples to grasp a concept
-Spot the Core: summarise to learn, as in this comment :)
-Active recall doubles retention rate

I'm a big fan of learning. I have 7,000 Anki flashcards, read 150 books in 2019, and write on my website to learn what I write. Yet I learnt something from this post, thanks!

I used Notion, but I prefer Obsidian. It stores notes as plain-text files so they last forever. I recommend it.

Small slip: "Image from the Farnham Street blog" (it's Farnam) in both images.

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