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"a white-collar worker alone in an office, 3 monitors full of text, a Great Wave Off Kanagawa crashes against the window, raining inside, extreme detail, bright and vibrant colours --v 4 --ar 3:2" 

This was one of my first images on Midjourney, now my prompts are much simpler :)

Great list, thanks for sharing! I'm grateful for the inspiration you've given me — I created by working on one of your ideas ;)

By the way, a cousin of the achievements ledger is the AI Safety world map, which shows all the organizations working to reduce existential risk from AI.

'The Humanity Times' is a brilliant name! I've previously designed a front page that reflects a similar concept:

Very useful ! Instead of re-reading the longer explanation of value lock-in from the book, I found this brief explanation here, and it was just what I needed :)

Makes sense, thanks for your comment. You made me think that I should be more careful about the terms I use, and argue more from first principles. I'll try doing this here:

I'm concerned about the growing trend of people and social-media platforms suppressing opposing opinions. I would love a world where people are free to speak their minds without fear of cancellation. If Big Tech and the government dictate what can and cannot be said, then everyone says the same things to avoid the risk of being banned from online platforms. To advance science and maintain freedom, you need to let people express innovative and unconventional ideas, which seem crazy at first and require free speech.

Thank you for your response, Peter. Though I was overly dramatic, the point was that cancel culture harms freedom of speech, without which there is no scientific progress or democracy. Burner accounts may be a symptom of this.

On the other hand, you never miss a Forum post ;)

Yes it is! I also mentioned it in the post :)

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