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What is the most effective intensive farming video to convert meat eaters?

Thanks for your reply!

I agree that sometimes it's just better to lead by example, but I just needed a go-to video that I could share when needed. What Cody Saw is a great candidate, I found it on Facebook:

I agree that eggs and poultry are the best things to remove from a diet from an ethical perspective, I just thought that promoting veganism isn't a good idea. Most people won't go vegan anyways, and it's overall better if we get everyone to go flexitarian rather than a small minority going vegan.

Where is it most effective to found a charity?

It’s not strictly relevant, but the Word Bank publishes the Doing Business Report, ranking countries based on how easy it is to do business. Some indicators might be useful to charities, too, like enforcing contracts. Maybe, on average, countries with higher ease of doing business have also higher ease of doing charity.