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We're excited to announce Training For Good's new EA Training Board.

Today, 80,000 Hours and Animal Advocacy Careers have great EA job boards, and the EA Internship Board covers internships. But at Training For Good, our board focuses on—you guessed it—training.

What you can find

What you can do

  • Share the EA Training Board with a friend.
  • Suggest a new training programme with this form.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter for monthly updates on new training programmes.
  • Give us feedback in the comments, or email us.
    • After checking our board, which programme will you apply to?
    • What other programmes would you like to see on the board?




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Hi, I'm new to the forum, and I found your post excellent; it's clear and helped me discover the information I was looking for regarding EA. Special thanks for the links 👌

Hi Chris, glad it was useful and welcome to the EA Forum, hope to read your posts soon :)

Thanks for this, it's great to have all of these resources in one place!

Is this defunct now? Link leads to a 404.

Yep, we discontinued it. We suggest using the EA Opportunities Board instead: https://ea-internships.pory.app/

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