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The Effective Altruism Handbook

Came here to say the same. It would also help to actually print and bind it as a book to hand it to beginners. It gives a more "contained" perspective. With sequences online I always have the sense that the link tree never ends and my motivation to read it is reduced.

What are things everyone here should (maybe) read?

There is an Effective Altruism Books List on Goodreads, suggest more books and vote on the ones that are already on it.

What are things everyone here should (maybe) read?

Came here by searching for Frank Ramsey on the forum. I considered writing a post about the same biography you mentioned for the forum. It's very humbling to see how much he already thought of, which we now call EA. 

A related work I can recommend is "Exact Thinking in Demented Times: The Vienna Circle and the Epic Quest for the Foundations of Science"

List of EA-related organisations

Such a good list, have meant to write one myself for a while and am pleased that you did it :)

Finding an egg cell donor in the EA community

Hey Linn, I wrote you a private response with thoughts about this :)