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Could it be that these places actually told them that they couldn't help them, or tried to help but weren't able to solve their issues, rather than they decided to leave because they weren't being spoken to nicely enough or something? I too would predict that they would prioritise solving their urgent issues over feeling comfortable. It could also be that showing a lot of care indicates that you are correctly understanding their issues and needs and are better equipped to give helpful advice, so their avoidance of places that treat them badly does not necessarily signify distorted priorities. 

Great post btw!

Is there anything you feel drawn to, in life in general, or in work? I would suggest following what you like and are interested in, and don't think about how much it helps or doesn't help other people, at least for as long is it's getting you down. If it helps you, that's a win! And if you want to go to France, go to France :) 

By the way, it's okay to be stupid and useless, but I don't think you even are - you have been given money in exchange for your time and skills at all of those jobs you've done, for example. I'd agree with the therapy/self-help suggestion. Lots of therapists and techniques won't work for you, but keep trying, researching and experimenting because something almost certainly will. Some general advice that may or may not be applicable is to find more uplifting social contact, exercise more, and maybe volunteer for something in order to build skills and feel more useful and connected.

Aw, I stayed up late for nothing 😅 

You might need to spread this more widely than the forum if you haven't already.

I think it's bad if you have any advantage at all over any other entrants. I imagine you're also in a good position to exert influence over the other jury members if you wanted to. All things considered I think it would be best, or at least the most fair, if you were not allowed to financially gain from this. 

I would appreciate others' input on this as well (eg via agreement up/downvote).

Also am I right in thinking that you're entering for prize money as well as making decisions on who gets the money? 

What's the exact deadline time tomorrow, please? 

I'm glad risks from Scotland are finally being explored! (Can't unsee the Scottish flag on the cover)

What does this mean, please?: (the only trick is figuring out how to select yourself into the correct reference class.)

Also, I love this: The most notable shift is we’re saying goodbye to our problem-oriented approach (colloquially known as “bugs”) and focusing on the perspective of asking: what do you actually want and how can we move toward that? We’ll also be incorporating a holistic approach to your goals and needs, an understanding of the limits of improved productivity, an orientation to uncertainty, and more. 

Hey Alex, I recall last year we posted links to vote for the videos on the forum, but not sure if anything else. Maybe this year we could post all the relevant links and info to get involved on here - if not I'll message you personally : D

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