Project For Awesome (P4A) is the annual charitable initiative of John and Hank Green, in which people create videos advocating for different charities, and the charities with the most votes receive thousands of dollars each. 

Members of the EA community have coordinated around making videos for multiple charities over the last few years. This year we made ~65 videos, supporting eight charities. Seven of our charities won! We estimated that they won 27,000 USD each, but the official amount probably won't be released for a while. This would make ~190,000 USD total! 

While some video makers put a lot of effort in, many of the videos contributed by the EA community took less than an hour to create, so we think this is a great return on our time. And making the videos was fun too.

The charities that won are The Humane League, The Good Food Institute, The Against Malaria Foundation, Givewell Maximum Impact Fund, GiveDirectly, Wild Animal Initiative, and Clean Air Task Force. We also coordinated to support Compassion in World Farming USA, but it did not win.

Our efforts over the years add up to around $419,000 going to effective charities. Winners and amounts are listed here (it was a pretty table but I couldn't make it work on here):

  • 2021: ~$27,000 for The Against Malaria Foundation, The Good Food Institute,                GiveDirectly, Clean Air Task Force, The Humane League, Givewell Maximum Impact Fund, and Wild Animal Initiative. Likely total of $189,700.
  • 2020: No P4A this year - it was moved from December 2020 to February 2021.
  • 2019: At least $14,701.10 for The Against Malaria Foundation, The Good Food Institute, GiveDirectly, and Clean Air Task Force. Total of $58,804.40.
  • 2018: $18,630.48 for The Against Malaria Foundation, The Good Food Institute, and GiveDirectly. Total of $55,891.44.
  • 2017: $19,718 for The Against Malaria Foundation and GiveDirectly. Total of $39,436.
  • 2016: $25,000 for The Against Malaria Foundation and The Good Food Institute. Total of $50,000.
  • 2015: $25,000 for The Against Malaria Foundation.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this amazing success!

You can watch the 2021 videos and see some stats here. Join our Facebook group to get involved in 2022 Project for Awesome.

Thank you to Catherine Low, William Kiely, Michael St Jules, and Jonathan Courtney (lead organiser) for their input on this post. 

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Wow, that's great! Very happily surprised that a charity focused on wild animal welfare is getting recognition in an event like this which isn't explicitly EA. 

Very impressive! Is there a way to get involved without using Facebook?

Hey Alex, I recall last year we posted links to vote for the videos on the forum, but not sure if anything else. Maybe this year we could post all the relevant links and info to get involved on here - if not I'll message you personally : D

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