Project for Awesome (P4A) is a charitable initiative running February 25th-27th this year (2022), and videos must be submitted by 11:59am (noon) Eastern time on Wednesday, February 23rd. This is a good opportunity to raise money for EA charities and promote EA and EA charities to a wider audience. Local EA groups can also run events based on P4A. Last year, the EA community won $190,000 split across 7 of the 8 charities we coordinated to support.

In short,

  1. People make short 1-4 min videos supporting charities and upload them to the website by 11:59am (noon) Eastern time on Wednesday, February 23rd. The videos must be new videos specifically for this year's P4A and should mention P4A.
  2. People vote on the videos on the weekend, February 25th-27th.
  3. The charities with the most votes, the total across all their videos, win money. Last year, this was USD $27,000 per charity. One more video for a charity lets everyone vote at least one more time for that charity, and the charities with the most videos were the most likely to win last year.

We already finished voting on which charities to coordinate to support (here), and based on video sign-ups, we will be reducing the list in about a week, and possibly again later (see our post here). We're aiming for 7-9 videos per charity, with 6 being the minimum, and 10 being the maximum. Please sign up to make a video for one or two of the charities here.

Please join the Facebook group, EA Project 4 Awesome 2022! If you're interested in helping out more as an organizer, let me know! We're mainly organizing over Facebook.

Here are some resources:

  1. Project for Awesome website
  2. A document to collect resources and instructions (from 2021)
  4. How to Make a P4A video in 20 Minutes or Less
  5. EA Project for Awesome Resources 2019
  6. Slides for a P4A video planning event from 2021


Video guidelines from the P4A FAQ:

  1. Your video must be made specifically for this year’s P4A. So, you must mention Project for Awesome in the video itself, and it should have been created recently.
  2. Try not to make your video too long. People are going to be watching a ton of videos on February 25-27, and no one wants to sit through a rambly, unedited vlog for ten minutes. Keep your video short and to the point so that people will watch the whole thing and learn all about your cause. A good length to aim for is 2-4 minutes, unless you have such compelling content that it just needs to be longer.
  3. Try not to spend too much time explaining what the Project for Awesome is. Most people watching your video will already know, so just mentioning it briefly and directing people to the website is plenty. An explanation in the description as well as a link to is also a great addition so people who stumble across your video can learn more about us.
  4. Similarly, try not to spend too much time promoting your own channel in your video. One or two sentences is fine to explain the type of videos you usually make if they’re different from what you’re doing for your P4A video, but much more than that and it just looks like you’re using the P4A to help promote yourself, which isn’t what this is all about.





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