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This post introduces the Effective Altruism Hub’s new team and strategy. We also share our recent improvements and upcoming plans and how you can get involved.

About Us

The EA Hub is an online platform that enables collaboration and facilitates connections between people in the Effective Altruism movement to make it easier to learn, network, collaborate on projects, and find career opportunities. By improving community infrastructure for projects, individuals, and groups, initiatives can build traction more effectively.

New Team & Strategy

New team. As of August 2020, we have a new lead team: Sebastian Becker and Victor Yuneko are the lead developers and Vaidehi Agarwalla is the product manager.

New approach. We have a new focused and goal-oriented strategy. 

  • Build at the right time: We want to ensure there is an audience and need for our products.
  • Lean model: to ensure that we get important features out and shorten our feedback loops. We are also conducting user research to make sure we have a good product-market fit.
  • Synergy of projects: We work with other meta projects and organisations to benefit from coordination.
  • Capacity building: We are focused on fundraising and staff/volunteer recruitment in order to build a sustainable team on the Hub.

New features

  • Comprehensive Profiles Directory search. We have introduced a powerful new search so that users can easily find EAs by location, group affiliation, expertise, interests and more.
  • User messaging. It is now possible to send and receive messages to approved EA Hub users. Clicking “Send Message” on a user’s profile will send them an email notification with your message (your email address hidden until they reply).
  • Seeking & Offering. You can add what you’re looking for and what you’re offering in your profile. These fields are searchable and appear in the directory search if filled.
  • Tags. Add custom tags to find other users with similar interests or hobbies! 
  • Profile Visibility Options. You can now choose to make your profile Public (visible to anyone on the web) or Internal (visible to other approved and logged-in Hub users). 

Upcoming Improvements

  • Revamping our Groups Directory. We will make the groups directory more user-friendly, so that it’s easier to find local and virtual groups.
  • EA Job Board. We are building a new jobs board that is cause-, career- and geography-agnostic. It will have a powerful search similar to the profiles directory, and we are working with specific stakeholders to ensure the job board is continuously populated, EA-relevant and up-to-date. We are coordinating with eawork.club on this.
  • EA Matchmaking is a service for EAs to connect with each other. You will be introduced to other EAs based on your interests and preferences, similar to 1-1 networking at EA conferences and events. Building on the EA Pen Pals and EA Chats projects in the past. 
  • Single Sign-On with CEA. You will be able to use the same login for the EA Hub and your other CEA accounts such as EA Funds, Giving What We Can and more.

If you have a specific need for a project, please get in touch.

Get Involved

Volunteer. See our open positions here. If you think there’s another way you can contribute, please reach out. 

Feedback. Leave us your thoughts and ideas here. You can also join our Discord to provide regular feedback. 

Stay up to date. Check out the latest news at meta.eahub.org and follow us on LinkedIn or Discord

Collaborate. If you’re working on a community infrastructure project, please get in touch. (If in doubt, reach out! We may be able to connect you with others)

Donate. Please make any donations via Rethink Charity and specify that you are donating to the EA Hub, or email us at donations@eahub.org. Thank you!

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