Please stand with the Asian diaspora

I guess I can't resist one last comment - please feel free to not reply any further. 

This seems clearly true to me, but I don't see how it explains the things that I'm puzzled by. 

To put it in rough Bayesian terms - I think your priors on what other people are saying and why are firing too strongly. This is making it hard to understand other people who are coming from a different place, and throwing up the elementary reasoning errors and anomalies you see. I wonder if you've previously encountered EAs or similar types of people saying the kinds of things jsteinhardt is saying here and meaning them sincerely, not performatively. I think some people, especially more online people, haven't. 

Please stand with the Asian diaspora

Thanks for explaining. I don't wish to engage further here [feel free to reply though of course], but FWIW I don't agree that there are any reasoning errors in Jacob's post or any anomalies to explain. I think you are strongly focused on a part of the conversation that is of particular importance to you (something along the lines of whether people who are not motivated or skilled at expressing sympathy will be welcome here), while Jacob is mostly focused on other aspects. 

Please stand with the Asian diaspora

what appears to me to be a series of anomalies that is otherwise hard to explain

What do you believe needs explaining? 

Please stand with the Asian diaspora

This might be a minor point, but personally I think it's better to avoid making generalizations of how an entire community must be feeling. Some members of the Asian community are unaware of recent events, while others may not be particularly affected by them. Perhaps something more along the lines of "I understand many people in the Asian community are feeling hurt right now" would be generally better. 

Please stand with the Asian diaspora

I'm curious how xccf's comment elsewhere on this thread fits in with your position as expressed here. 

Ben Hoffman & Holden Karnofsky

Ben Hoffman's GiveWell and the problem of Partial Funding was also posted here on the forum, with replies from OpenPhil and GiveWell staff. 

EA capital allocation is an inner ring

I don't have any advice to offer, but as a datapoint for you: I applaud your goal and am even sympathetic to many of your points, but even I found this post actively annoying (unlike your previous ones in this series). It feels like you're writing a series of posts for your own benefit without actually engaging with your audience or interlocutors.  I think this is fine for a personal blog, but does not fit on this forum. 

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