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In principle, I think giving this money back would be a very good thing if it means getting money back to those who are owed it. However, this is very complicated if either A: you've already spent the money, or B: you need the money to survive. For instance, I'm an FTX grantee, and I'm using the money to pay rent and other living expenses (I don't have a job otherwise at the moment, so the loss of income would be a big problem for me).

Thank you! Hope you enjoy.

Sure thing, I changed the settings to anyone with a link can edit.

Thanks for the recommendations! I think it looks better now, less busy.

From what I can tell, support is bipartisan but small. It was sponsored by a Republican, Senator Rob Portman from Ohio, and is cosponsored by two Democrats and one other Republican.

That's a really good point, it's similar to but distinct from the argument from Deep Ecology. I may add it to the article.

Thank you for that reminder. As with many things in philosophy, this discussion can wander into some pretty dark territory, and it's important to take care of our mental health.

Side note: I love that "paperclipping" is a verb now.

Interesting, thank you for sharing. A lot of this debate centers around our interpretations of consequentialism.

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