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Just wanted to note that I really appreciate the clarity of the visual summary / ballpark timeline.

Tried in an online course. Hope the book helps

For what it's worth, I tried CBT-I and it wasn't successful for me, then tried ACT for insomnia which solved the issue. Specifically via a book called "The Sleep Book" by Guy Meadows. Highly recommended.

For people living in the US, at what point does it become particularly important to start following these methods? I assume it’s always beneficial, but risk adjusted not particularly important until there start being more cases in the US or until we start having more cases. Is that assumption right or dangerously wrong?

Could you please elaborate on how I could apply this? Or where can I learn more?

Thanks! I think it's very unlikely that I was viewing the all posts category but I don't have a screenshot. And I don't think I was viewing the community page either, because I distinctly remember showing my partner that it was neat that my two posts were both on the front page one after the other at positions #2 and #3. is it possible it was re-classified as community as mentioned below by larks?

But it's mostly a moot point anyway as sounds like if it was ever on the frontpage, that was either an error or I'm mis-remembering, so it mostly clears up my question anyway :)

And makes sense that this post should be in the personal blog category, thanks!

I highly recommend the book "The Media Training Bible" – I found it to be surprisingly insightful and broadly useful.

Specific to this thread, it teaches you how you can maximize the odds of being represented in a way you're happy with, rather than feeling disappointed when you see how you're quoted / the final article.

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